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you need for an amazing stay with us!



Airport Transfers - Booking Link:

We have been referring USA transfers for over 10 years.  They have the best prices in Cancun and our guests continue to report that their service is very good.  The cost for up to 10 people is $125 round trip. They have child seats upon request.  When you exit the airport, if you do not see USA transfers right away, ask any of the transfer companies there, and they will direct you.  Everyone knows who they are.  Once the USA transfer staff member greets you, the wait is typically 10 minutes or less for your shuttle.  For the hotel name type in Oleo Cancun Playa.

More than 10 people per vehicle: 

If you have more than 10 going at once, Cancun Transportations can take up to 16 at once, and their prices are good.  So far, guests have said they have been satisfied with their service.  They also have the child seats if needed.

For the hotel name type in Oleo Cancun Playa.


Grocery Store Run - Nice Feature: 

If you book with USA transfers, you will see that you can check a box to stop off at the grocery store first, before heading to the resort.  This is very popular option with our guests, because this way everything is out of the way before your vacation starts.  The extra charge is $35.  Unless you arrive on a Sunday or have a late flight, our staff will help you with the groceries when you get to the resort.  We have our own carts and heavy duty plastic crates.  Do not purchase ice.  They sell ice at the Oxxo right across the street.  The ice will melt quickly.  Side note: You will save about 20% on your groceries if you put in the notes that you want to go to the Walmart/Cumbres grocery store.  This is out of the way about 20 minutes one way, so it will take about an extra 40 minutes, but they do not charge extra to take you to the Walmart. By default, they will take you to Soriano's (pictured right) which is located 3 miles from the resort inside an indoor shopping mall.  Both grocery stores sell beer and hard liquors.  

Supplies  -  Are there any things we don't need to buy at the store?

Yes, we provide the following:

Hand soap at each sink
Garbage/recycling bags
Dish soap
All purpose cleaner/spray bottle
A new scrubby sponge for the kitchen sink
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil

3 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom - enough to get you started

1 roll paper towel as a courtesy

We do NOT provide shampoo, conditioner, or body wash goods

If you plan on using the washer/dryer, please purchase liquid laundry detergent rather than powder as this is what is specified by the manufacturer.


Alternative to Grocery Run - Ordering Groceries:

If you prefer another alternative to getting groceries by stopping at the store via the transfer company, Walmart does deliver, and they claim it is within one hour, this is a fairly new service here.  It does appear that they deliver alcohol as well.  However, it is important to note that you would need to place the order after you have arrived and checked in.  This is a resort rule, because their staff cannot be tied up with taking in guest deliveries.  The resort would expect you to be in the lobby or lobby bar when the delivery arrives so that you can immediately receive it.   If our team is available, we are happy to help you out.  But please note that we make no guarantees in this regard as we are often times tied up with many other tasks, attending other guests needs, etc.  If you choose this option, it is CRITICAL  that you let our team know via the GROUP - MAIN thread and hitting reply all.  Because we must let the resort administration know to let Walmart through, otherwise security will turn them away.   You can book this on their site.  They do require you to open an account with them before you place an order.  The Chrome browser should translate the page for you to English.  There is only one brief moment that is in Spanish, when you see that click "Inciar Sesion".  


After your shuttle picks you up:

Your driver will know where to take you.  But in case it is necessary, it's good to know that you are going to are going to Oleo Cancun Playa, at kilometer 19.5 in the hotel zone.  If you like, you can also click on NAVIGATE and it will navigate you directly to our resort.  The drive from the airport is 12-15 minutes.

Resort Address: 

Blvd. Kukulcan kilometer 19.5, Zona Hotelera

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 77500


Check in Time: 4pm

Check out time: 11am

If you arrive early with groceries, we can get them up before your check in time and we will also get your perishables in the fridge.  If you have a very early flight in, please note that we can usually not get them up before 11am, as our current guests have not yet vacated the unit.  However if you arrive on a Sunday, or if you arrive late, we provide a lock box code and will not be there when you arrive.  In those cases we will stop by the next morning to go over things and have you sign for the unit.

Arrival Day:

Communication is KEY.  Please let us know when you arrive to Cancun via the GROUP - MAIN email thread.  Please be sure to always hit "reply all" to this thread.  This is very important.  If you do not hit "reply all" my team in Cancun will not know you have arrived.  Please keep in touch once you have arrived to Cancun.  Please email the group once more when you have arrived at the resort.  Thank you! 

Arriving at the Resort:

Please do not forget to email the group when you get there.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  PLEASE ALWAYS HIT REPLY ALL TO THE GROUP - MAIN THREAD.  When you get to the front gate, they will ask you for your unit number.  You will see this on the GROUP - MAIN email thread in the subject box.  They will ask to see everyone's ID and match it to the guest list you submitted.  Meanwhile, my team should be on there way down to greet you as long as you sent out the email as requested.  Please note that sometimes my team is checking in another party at the time you arrive.  This can and does happen sometimes.   Please allow 20 minutes or so for a response, in case they are already checking in another party.  If you are concerned you can call me, Tim, at 847-636-2232. 

Penthouse Combo units - if you rented more than one condo:  Penthouse Combo Units have shortened numbers.  To see the full unit number of each unit you that makes up your combo.  Please reference your original email of the GROUP - MAIN thread.  The individual unit numbers are NOT shown in the subject box.  They are shown on the email in red numbers so that they stand out.  


Exiting the vehicle & where to go when you arrive:

When you are sitting at the front gate you will see the lobby directly in front of you.  In the photo here, you can see the lobby to the right, and a door to the tower to the left.  Please enter into the door to the tower on the left.  One you go through that door, you will find....


a spacious secondary lobby area where it is much less crowded, and there is much more seating.  We refer to this area as the lobby bar.  My manager will meet you there.  Please note that our team will service you.  We provide our own hotel carts and management team to serve you.  You will find the resort staff to be helpful and friendly, but they will not show your reservation in their system, as you did not rent from the resort.  The resort rents out hotel rooms, not the penthouse units.  Therefore it is important that we are the ones that help you with your luggage, rather than resort staff.  I included some photos of the lobby bar area, which includes the Brown Bag restaurant, the bar, the excursion center, lots of seating, and the resort convenience store. 


How much should I tip the bell hops?

$2 per piece of luggage would be much appreciated.  Our management team serves as the bell hops for your luggage.  We have our own hotel carts.  If you have purchased groceries, my team also has foldable milk crates for all of your items.  And my team will be a big help in getting your groceries up to the unit as well as all of your luggage.


When you get to the Penthouse unit:

Of course, you will likely be tired and be in no mood to want to listen to instructions.  But it will help a lot if you pay attention to things like how to use the washer/dryer, TV remotes, appliances, etc. as they are in Spanish.  There are also several other helpful details that our manager will cover with you.  

Sunday Arrivals

Late Arrivals: 

We give our team the day off on Sundays.  Our team is at the resort Monday through Saturday during the day.  If we see that you have a flight in that will take you past 6pm, we will provide you with a lock box code to access the unit.  In these cases, one of our managers will stop by in the morning to introduce themselves, answer your questions, and have you sign for the unit.

Early Check ins

Late Check outs

For people arriving early or departing late, we try to accommodate such requests.  If we have guests departing the same day you arrive, early check in is not possible.  For late departures, if we have guests arriving the same day you depart, you can leave your luggage in the front entry area by 11am check out time and this works out nicely as a place to store your luggage while you enjoy some more time in Cancun.  We ask that you return no later than 3pm to pick up your luggage.

If we do not have people arriving the same day, and you have gotten me your flight info early on, I I can tell you that I have already started planning for a potential early check in for you, assuming no same day arrival is on the books already.  But regardless, please note that there is no guarantee of early check in, or late check out.  At times we have maintenance scheduled that is important.  Or if we have had multiple guests in a row with no time between bookings, there is usually an ever growing list of things that needs attention such as paint touch ups and a myriad of other things.  Also we give our staff off on Sundays, which can sometimes come into play with early check ins on Sundays or Mondays.  The best thing to do is to get me your flight info early on, and from there keep an eye on the availability calendar, and when the dates get to be close, send an email to the group.

Busses are Everywhere: Rental car is not necessary:  

You do not need to rent a car when staying in the Cancun hotel zone.  Buses run 24/7 and you can go anywhere in the hotel zone for $1 per person which includes a nice tip for the bus driver.  If you prefer a cab, that's always another option.  It is also very difficult to find parking in the hotel zone.  In many places you may want to go, you will not find any parking.  Most everyone staying in the hotel zone uses the bus, as there are so many stops, you can essentially get on or off just about anywhere you want.  The photo here is of the bus picking people up in front of our resort.


We want to go out exploring, so I still want to rent a car, is there parking?  

Yes, our resort has a small lot.  Sometimes it gets full.  If it does, resort staff will direct you to alternate places to park on the resort grounds.

Any recommendations on a car rental?

If you want a vehicle for 2-3 days during your stay, I suggest you talk to my manager Abdiel.  He has a friend in the business that will bring a car to the resort for you.  If you want a car for your entire stay, I always use easyway.  They are way cheaper than getting a name brand at the airport.  They pick you up, and their place is right on the way to the resort.  

All Inclusive:  9am-1am

The all-inclusive is optional each day you are there.  You purchase the all inclusive at the main lobby front desk.  It's best to go at 9am to get the most out of it.  The cost is $90 per person per day (Dec 19-Jan 3 is approximately $135).  Kids 11 and under are half off.  2 and under are no charge.  When you purchase it, you gain access to unlimited food and drinks from 4 of the 5 resort restaurants and both of the bars.  You cannot gain access to these 4 restaurants or the resort bars without purchasing the all-inclusive, because this is an all-inclusive resort.  All 4 restaurants are open at night.  During the day, the buffet is open for breakfast and lunch.  And the snack bar (located on the pool deck) is open from 11:30-5:30pm.  The snack bar by the pool actually has very good food, such as burgers, seasoned fries, shrimp, and other offerings.  Regardless of if you are on the all-inclusive or not, you still have use of the resort beach, pool, hot tub, lounge chairs, umbrellas, gym, tennis court and spa.  You can also use the Brown Bag restaurants as this is not an all inclusive restaurant.  The Spa runs $25 per person per day.  They waive the fee if you purchase a massage.  The spa has a steam room, sauna, relaxation pool, hot tubs, and massage and nail services. 

Pool Hours: 7am-8pm

Spa Hours: 7am-8pm

Gym Hours: 6am-10pm

Resort Activities:  The resort prints off a brochure each week detailing activities during the week.  They include things like water yoga, water dance, live entertainment some nights around the lobby bar, and other things.  To get the brochure, please go to the lobby front desk and just ask for it.


Our Resort Lobby - Purchase the All-Inclusive here.  Ask for the weekly activities brochure here as well.


You do NOT have to be on the all-inclusive to eat at The Brown Bag Restaurant:  This restaurant is open from 7am until 1am.  It is located right by the bar on the main level of the central tower.  My favorite things to order here are the Salman Wraps and the Chicken and Ham Baguets.  You can have them toasted and they are really tasty.  They also have pizza here, it's pretty good for Mexico.  It's essentially a coffee shop, so you can get a wide assortment of coffees here, along with lattes and espressos.  They also have a very nice assortment of desserts.  


When you are not on the all-inclusive please take advantage of the fact that there is a cooler inside the penthouse, it is the perfect size, about the size of a cary-on piece of luggage and it pulls behind you the same way.  This is a really nice feature as the vast majority of resorts do not allow these.  We actually use the cooler even when we are on the all-inclusive as it makes for a handy little table on the beach.  Feel free to take it down to the beach with you, or by the pool.  Please, no glass, for obvious reasons.  You will find these nice, sturdy plastic cup rock glasses inside the condo.  


Beach lounge chairs and umbrellas:  If you plan to spend the day at the beach or pool, I recommend getting down there at 7am.  This is when they have just finished raking out the beach and setting up all of the lounge chairs and umbrellas for the beach and pool area.  If you place items on a lounge chair unattended, the resort considers that chair not in use after 30-40 minutes and will open up the chair and store the towel(s) and or items with the towel attendant on the pool deck.  Please note that on the beach, there is one area to the North that is sectioned off for "Inspira guests".  These are resort guests that have paid a lot of extra money to get this package that includes expensive champagne or wine and their own lounge chairs.


Beach Activities:

Wave runner on the ocean are a blast!  You will find them cruising around the ocean right off of our beach frequently.  You will also see parasailers flying by quite often.  Sometimes they are set up right on our resort's beach, same with the wave runner rentals.  If they are not within a short walk on the beach, to go parasailing or to rent a wave runner, just go to the tour center located on the main level of the central tower, you cannot miss it.  


The Spa:  The Spa features Massage Services, Nail Services, a Relaxation Pool, Whirl Pools, Steam Room, Sauna, Lounge Chairs, Showers, and Locker room.  The cost to enter The Spa is $25 per person per visit.  If you purchase a massage they waive the fee.  To view the massage menu.


Gym & Tennis Court:  The gym is open from 6am until 10pm.  The gym has treadmills, free weight dumb bells from 5-50 pounds, and other machines.  The tennis court is open from 9am until dusk.  Please bring your own racquets and balls.  Use of the court is free.  If you do not want to pack racquets and balls, you can purchase these items at the Walmart stop if you opt for the grocery store run with the transfer company.  Please note that the transfer company will NOT take you to the Walmart unless you put in the notes  box "Walmart/Cubmbres".


For any day or days you choose to purchase the all-inclusive, you can order from the swim up bar, then lobby bar, or from one of the 4 all inclusive restaurants.  When the resort features live entertainment by the bar, you can still hang out there, regardless of if you are on the all inclusive or not.  But of course you cannot purchase from the bars & all inclusive restaurants.  Two of the 4 all-inclusive restaurants are open at night only, from 6-10.  While the buffet restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And the "Snack Bar" restaurant located poolside is open from 11:30-5:30pm.  At the snack bar, you walk up to the counter to place your order.  The sushi restaurant, called Hakka, is located to the North of the North tower.  It's tucked away, so if you are interested in sushi, walk along the pool deck North, and just past the big hot tub you'll see the stairs to go up on your left.  After you go up the stairs, you'll see Hakka right there.




If you like seafood, The Best seafood in Cancun is right across the street!  It is very easy to get around our resort, because it is a lot smaller than most.  And it doesn't get any easier than strolling across the street to this amazing restaurant.  The only thing that may be better than the food is the beautiful night time atmosphere.  I recommend you make a reservation for about 1/2 hour before sunset.  The sunset over the lagoon is gorgeous, and the night time atmosphere at Navios is a thing of beauty.  I recommend the Popey Grouper.  It's baked with some fantastic spices (it's not hot, just nicely spiced).  It's consistently the best fish I have ever had.  And the vegetables are so good, just outstanding!  For an appetizer they have this one item that is essentially a shrimp quesadilla.  The descriptions are in English, I highly recommend that, it is the best!  Whoever they have doing their cooking must be among the best around, because I cannot say enough about how good the food is.  The only thing I do not recommend is the octopus, as another guest thought it was average.  You can see they have these private palapas where you and your family and friends are surrounded by beautifully lit waters.  And these private palapas can seat 10-12, so ideal for larger groups which we so often have.   I highly recommend spending at least one night at Navios.  Once you experience it, you'll probably go for more.  And frankly, the food is not terribly expensive, the grouper I get is $25.  But they do get you on the drinks, so be cognizant of that.  If you are a smoker, they do not let you smoke here.  However, they do have these tables and couches set up along the lagoon before you enter the restaurant.  They are really nice, and they let you smoke there and they will serve you drinks there also.  But you cannot order food there.  I was sitting in this area when I took the picture to the right with the Navios sign that is floating on the water.  They are open for both lunch and dinner.  



This is a much more casual place with really good food and the drinks won't break the bank.  The views are excellent.  You look out over these tree tops, and you have the lagoon in the background.  It's essentially like a bar and grille, but instead of having alcohol behind the bar, it's this amazing view.  The "bar" spans the whole deck, which is maybe 30 ft.  It's a tiki bar kind of vibe, nicely lit, several tables at bar height as well, and a few at regular table height.  The owners name is Joe, great guy.  And Joe will give any Tim's Ocean Condos guest a discount, so be sure to tell the waiters when you get there that you are staying in a penthouse with Tim's Ocean Condos and they will take care of you.  It's supposed to be 10% off.  But please, do not wait until the end to let them know, please let them know right away.  And please remember to tip on the amount before the discount.  Thank you.   For food here, I love quesadillas, so I always get the steak quesadillas and papas fritas.  Papas fritas are "french fries" except that in this case they are fresh diced potatoes.  And I always get them with the chipotle mayo (slightly spicy) along with a side of the "sausa verde".  The green sauce is VERY spicy, so unless you like really spicy, skip that one.  I love hot stuff, but even I do a gentle dip with this sauce, after first doing a little dunk in the chipotle sauce.  Oh my goodness, it is so good.  The Hakka cheese they use is so tasty.  Other items I like at 19.5 are their Angus burgers and steak fajitas.  Of course they have chicken for all of these things too, I just prefer steak.  They also have great salads, and excellent frozen drinks.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Typical hours are 9am until midnight.



Oxxo is the busiest convenience store you will ever see.  They also sell every hard liquor there, several beers, ice, and they even have a little place to order Mexican food inside.  As you may know, our resort has a gift shop/convenience store.  But their bottled water is so much I'm embarrassed to put it here.  Just go to the Oxxo across the street and you'll get 4 waters the same price.  This is a great little store, they pack so many items into that store it's crazy.  And if you like healthy drinks, try the Vitaloe.  It comes in a unique looking green bottle and has aloe in it, and I just love that drink, it's supposed to be good for you too.



In Home Cooking:

Our authentic Mexican cooking has become locally famous.  People I do not know email me all the time these days asking if they can get the in home cooking.  But I have to explain to them that this is a non profit service that we offer only to our own guests.  These are not professional chefs.  These are local Mom's that are great cooks of authentic Mexican food.  This is an amazing value.  The cost is $10 per person for the service ($80 min).  For the food, our cooks bring you a receipt from the grocery store.  The service includes shopping for the groceries, preparing the meal, and cleaning up any pans or utensils used to make the meal.  The meal is served buffet style.  We can do special requests such as those who may be vegan, or have allergies to certain things.  Just put any of this information in the notes box when you book the service.  Payment is made directly to the cooks in cash only please, US dollars.  To book some in-home meals, you will want to go to the menu first, which is:

To book some in home meals, the link is:


Home-Made Tres Leches Chocolate Cake:

If you have never tried Tres Leches, you are in for a treat.  Tres Leches is not a cake flavor, it is a process.  Cake is always best with ice cream, right?  Imagine the ice cream sitting inside all the little air bubbles that make up the cake body.  That is essentially what Tres leches is.  The very cold cream stays intact within the cells of the cake.  Once you try it, no cake will compare again.  The process, as you might imagine, takes a lot of time, it's an art really.  Even down to how long to keep it refrigerated until it's perfect.  My wife and I were blown away the first time we tried it. 


The cost for from the bakery is $35 plus delivery cost of $30, or $65 total.  If you go with the Tres leches home-made cake, the cost is $50 including delivery.  

To place an order:


Decorations for your Special Occasion:

More often than not our guests are celebrating something.  If you would like to have the Penthouse decorated you can choose this option.  You can choose to have it before arrival, or you can choose a date where everyone is out on an excursion so that the company we hire to do the decorating has ample time to set everything up.  The idea is essentially the same as you see in these two pictures to the right.  When you order this you will want to choose the date, the occasion, if birthday, the year, and if you want the champagne affect or the balloon arch.  You can also choose the general predominant colors.  The cost for the materials and the service to set it all up is $250 for the Champagne bottle affect, and $295 for the arch affect.  We need a few hours to get it done, no less than 3 hours please.  And we need plenty of advance notice please.  No less than 2 weeks please.

You book it here:


Snorkeling with Mike or Chuckie:

This is the ultimate "no-brainer" and "must do" excursion in Cancun.  It's a fantastic time!!!... plus it's THE BEST VALUE IN CANCUN.  Not everything in life needs to involve money.  That's why we give away the in home cooking and excursions like this.  I have known Mike for over 20 years.  He helped me put our unit back together for months after hurricane Wilma in 2005.  I put Chuckie on here too, because he is a great guy and Mike cannot always get to every excursion.  Mike has different sized boats, he can seat 24 people comfortably on his larger boats.   He always uses boats that will be very comfortable for the group size going, plenty of seating and space.  The seats are cushioned, and he has all of the gear of course.  Both Mike and Chuckie are wonderful guys.  They joke around, always laughing and cutting up and you'll see how well they take care of everyone, along with their staff.  They are very experienced skippers.

The first time I went out, what was shocking to see was how crystal clear the water is.  It's so clear, you can see all the way to the bottom even when you're around 30 feet deep.  The next thing that you will find so refreshing is that the water is so comfortable, it's not cold at all.  It's perfect, not hot like a bath, yet not cold at all.  That makes the experience so much nicer in my opinion.  There are so many things that make this excursion special, first, it's completely private to your group.  Most snorkeling excursions are public and they have a b it of a rushed and corporate feel to them.  Plus where they take you is typically not very interesting.  Mike takes you to beautiful waters, they are protected waters by the Mexican government.  Mike actually has to get a permit for each person, and that's included in the price.  But these public snorkeling companies aren't taking you to places like this.  

For $90 per person ($540 minimum), here is what you have with this tour:

Private Excursion.

Round Trip Transportation from the resort to Puerto Mujeres, and back.  You don't even have to wait for the pick up.  Mike's driver will call you on your cell when they get there.  The pick up time is always 9am, approximately.

The best captains in the business.   

Soda & Water Refreshments on the boat.

Snorkeling in gorgeous protected waters, with expert staff guidance out in the water with you.

A stop at Mike's buddy's place.  He has a pet whale shark, and if you make a donation of $5 to his friend, you can get your picture taken with the whale shark.  It's best to have 2 or 3 people in the picture so that you can hold it, impossible for one person.  Technically speaking there is no charge for this.  But it is how Mike's friend makes his living, so he relies on donations.  Even if it's a couple of dollars, it's better than nothing and would be appreciated.

Next stop is Isla Mujeres.  There golf carts will await you.  I love this part of the trip, it's relaxing and a nice break between the snorkeling times.  For 2 hours, you get to cruise around the whole island.  It takes about an hour to get around the entire island.  But with that extra hour, it's perfect, so relaxing.  Because you can stop off at the look outs to get pictures, plus there is a historic place that has these amazing views and many shops cool shops to get souvenires and many other things, lots of unique deserts here too.  You can also get fresh coconut, cut right in front of you with machete.  Also, as you go around the island, to me, it's very interesting, it's such a diverse culture.  Just so everyone knows, you can get the trip for $75 per person, but then you only get one hour on the golf cart.  

From Then, it's back on the boat, this time to more shallow waters, which is great for both kids and adults.  In this area, the sand is super smooth, and it's flat, and it goes for hundreds of yards in every direction.  The water here is maybe 3 feet deep, at some points maybe 5 feet.  It's so easy to snorkel here, and their staff will jump in with you and take fish food out there which attracts colorful fish in droves.  

When you are finally all done, you head out to Isla Mujeres one last time.  This time, they serve you this amazing multi course meal with fresh fruits, salad, fresh caught fish, pasta, it's just crazy how much fresh food there is.  The only thing you have to pay for there is your own drinks, even soda.  After that, you get on the boat and I can tell you from doing this several times, everyone on the boat heading back is exhausted, joyfully exhausted.  They're often laying down on the boat, or you see wives snuggling with their husbands, just completely spent.  But in a healthy refreshing way.  This trip is paid in cash only, US dollars please.  If you are happy with the job Mike or Chuckie and their staff do, please consider giving them a nice tip.  Excursion time is 5-6 hours or more.  To book:


Fishing with Mike:

Mike’s family has been all about fishing for many generations.  When Cancun became so popular, Mike started offering the snorkeling.  I’m not a fisherman, but I have to say I have never seen anyone fish the way Mike does.  He puts on these gloves, no pole, just a line and a hook, puts a worm on the hook, then puts the line in and he makes this movement that attracts fish, and you can see what he’s doing, because the water is so clear.  In around 30 seconds or so, Mike has a fish on the line, about ¼ pound or so, and he throws that in his bucket of water.  He repeats the process for about 5 minutes, and the next thing you know he’s got around 8-10 live fish swimming around in the bucket.  Only then, does Mike break out the fishing poles.  He uses the fish he just caught for the bigger fish.  I’m telling you, Mike knows how to fish.  It isn’t long before he’s got something on the line, it’s usually a Barracuda, and they put up one hell of a fight, exhausting.  You might also catch some snapper and other unique species.  This trip does not include lunch or golf cart rental and the cost is $75 per person ($450 minimum) lasts 4-5 hours:

To book it:


Private Catamaran Excursion -  (6-9 people)


If you haven't ever gone sailing, you are in for such an outstanding day with this one.  There is nothing like sailing on the ocean, it's surreal, so peaceful, no engine noise.  This trip is an absolute blast!  OPEN BAR all day is included, along with lunch.   They stop  you off at this breathtaking sand dune to hang out and swim.  There is a 4 hour and 7 hour version.  Their crews are excellent, every time and the people running things have SO MUCH to do with the vibe of the and fun of the excursion.   It's priced as a single total, it's not per person.  So the more people you have going the less it is per person.  The all in cost for the 4 hour version is $1,131.  Works out to per person cost for 6 of: $188, for 7: $162 for 8: $142 for 9: $126  The all in cost is $1,519.  Cost per person for 6: $253  for 7: $217 for 8: $189 for 9: $168  This is excursion is private to your group only.  

To book it: Private Catamaran

If you have a smaller group, there is a public version also.  With the public version, it's 4 hours (7 hour version not available), it includes OPEN BAR, and lunch, and the cost is $94.  They guarantee no more than 24 people will be on the boat, and of course this boat is larger. 

All prices shown above are as of the last update: June 30, 2024

To book it: Private Catamaran

To book the public version: 

Public Catamaran     


VIP Pass - Coco Bongos

The Night Clubs in Cancun are world famous, most especially Coco Bongos.  Did you know that the cover charges to get into these places run $40 - $75, and that's after waiting in line for quite a while.  And once you are in, the shows are amazing, but it's standing room only, and the drinks are very expensive.  To me, this one is a "no brainer".  For $160 you get to skip the lines, and the cover charge is taken care of and all of your drinks are covered as well.  On top of that, you get your own table and chairs in the VIP section.  This VIP pass has evolved over the years, it used to start at 10pm and go for 5 hours.  Most recently they have it starting at 8am and going 6 hours.  That makes a lot more sense because if you head down to the big clubs later, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to go 6 little miles, because all of Cancun is heading there.  But if you head out at 7:30ish, you'll get there in 20 minutes, much better.  To book it: VIP Coco Bongos


- -  I M P O R T A N T   F O R   Y O U R   S T A Y  - -

Internet Connection Penthouse:

Your Penthouse is equipped with a PRIVATE ENCRYPTED CONNECTION.  The connection is displayed on the fridge inside the Penthouse, and in the Welcome Book located inside the condo. 

Internet Connection Resort:  Outside the Penthouse:  You can get online anywhere within the resort.  This is NOT a private connection, it is a typical hotel room type of connection.  This means you do not want to use this connection for banking, private information, or online purchases.  

This connection is called Oleo Cancun.  To get online, please ask my manager for the password.  I would put it here but they change it every year or so.   


Cell Phones: 

Almost all cell phone providers have service in Cancun.  The ones that work the best are Verizon and AT&T.  YOU CAN GET short term plans from your provider for when you are in Cancun.   They are always changing things, but to this day you should have no problem getting temporary Mexican plan that will save you quite a bit of money while you are in Cancun.



For Cancun numbers dial 1 and then the 10 digit number.  For US calls, dial 001 and then the 10 digit number.  For other countries, dial the country code, then the 10 digit number.

For Emergencies:  

Dial 911


If something is urgent, you can call Abdiel at 998-180-0526, or Tim (In the US, not in Cancun) at 847-636-2232.


The Penthouse is equipped with several dedicated AC units to handle different zones.  Each zone has a thermostat.  You can see that the Penthouse exterior walls are essentially all glass.  This creates a powerful green house effect making it challenging to cool everything down, especially in the summer months.  If you would like the unit to cool down, please draw the curtains, especially when you are heading out for a while.  And never, ever leave the sliding glass doors open.  Doing so creates AC condensation leaks and causes the units to be over worked and even freeze up, if the doors are left open long enough.  IMPORTANT: These thermostats have little icons.  The one that is the sun, looks pretty close to the one that is a snowflake.  Make sure you have it on snow flake.

Garbage Collection:

You will hear a knock on the door at about 10am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  This is your garbage collector.  If you will not be around and you need a garbage collection, be sure to let our team know via the GROUP - MAIN email thread.


Mexico does things differently for recycling.  We have several bins, one for glass, one for paper, one for plastic, one for aluminum and one for organic.  You will see each container is well marked so that you know what goes where.  Thank you for your cooperation on this.  

Coming back from The Beach:

The resort has a place to shower off your feet and legs.  It is located at the South stairs.  Please kindly remove sand from your feet and legs before coming back up.  Thank you.

Beach Towel Washing: 

PLEASE, before you put the beach towels in the washer, please shake them out on the terrace.  Sand is super hard on the washing components.  We service these units every 3 months because they take such a beating.  Thank you.

Washing Machine Capacity:  

Please, kindly keep your loads to half full, fluffed, not pressed down.  Each unit has a max kilogram limit, but rather than providing a scale, if you can keep your load sizes to half or less of the drum capacity, that should be ok.  Thank you.

No Visitors Please:

Our resort does not allow visitors.  This is true of all of the nicer resorts up and down the hotel zone.  The resort is providing use of the beach, pool lounge chairs, etc. and this does cost them money.  These areas should be reserved for those who are paying customers.  Even if the visitor would stay only in the unit, this does not matter, because the resort cannot possibly invest the resources to track this sort of thing.  If you know someone that you would like to invite over, the only way the resort will allow it is if they purchase the all-inclusive at their regular rate of $125 per person per day.  

Maid Service:

The Penthouse comes cleaned, laundered and ready to go.  If you would like to purchase some additional cleaning days the cost is $85 per cleaning and is paid directly to the service provider in cash only please, US dollars.  This cleaning includes freshly laundered linens and towels, known as Premium Service.  If you do not require freshly washed linens and towels, this would be our Standard service and the cost is $50 per cleaning.  If interested, you book it here:

Bath towels:

There should be no 4 bath towels per bathrooms that have showers.  These towels are much larger and more comfortable than what you find at nicer hotels.  They are 100% cotton.  However, please be aware that the most common reason, by far, for withholding funds from damage deposits is stained bath towels.   It never ceases to amaze me how this happens, but it so often does.  Please, I love giving everyone ALL of their money back.  But if we are not able to get a stain out, even if it is small, we have to remove that towel from service.  And towels of this quality are VERY expensive in Cancun.  

Bed Sheets: 

All of the bed sheets are a nice poly-cotton blend.  We avoid 100% cotton for sheets in an effort to have a better chance of removing stains.  This type of blend is so expensive in Cancun, that I bring them to Cancun from the US in huge duffle bags.  Even after paying 16% IVA tax, and hundreds more dollars in extra baggage costs, it is still more cost effective to take them to Cancun from the US.  These sets are a nice thread count, 575.  But the main point here once again, is the second most common reason for withholding funds from a security deposit.  You guest it, stained sheets.  Please treat our linens reasonably well and don't get food and pop stains on them.  Thank you.  One thing I love to see in our business is an "all clear" email from my team regarding the damage reports I get after check outs.  

Lost Keys: 

When keys are lost this presents a problem, because although the chance is very small, anyone that "lost their key" could still open that door if that key turned up at some point.   For this reason, our insurance company requires us to change the locks if a key is not returned.  This is the 3rd most common reason for withholding a security deposit.

No Smoking Inside the Penthouse:

You can smoke outside on the terrace.  But please, never ever flick a cigarette butt anywhere.  It is also super important to note that if a burn hole is created from a cigarette butt, this will result in the full forfeiture of your security deposit.  If there is an obvious smoke smell within the penthouse upon your departure, we bring in a company to remove the smell and this would also result in the forfeiture of your damage deposit.  I am not trying to sound prejudice here, I smoke when I'm drinking to this day, and I know what smokers go through in society.  That's why I get so angry when I see cigarette butts anywhere they do not belong.  Thank you.

Hot Water:

The hot water side in Mexico is the left side, just like elsewhere.  However, it takes a while for the water to get hot, because it comes from the lower level in the central tower.  I suggest turning the hot water on 5-10 minutes before you plan to jump in the shower.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes to get hot.  But I have seen it takes as long as almost 10 minutes.  The hot water feeds everyone below us first, so if everyone on other floors is showering at the same time, it can take longer.

Toilet Use: 

It is critical that you use only toilet paper and human waste in the toilets.  If we have to come out for a toilet clog and find other things are stopping it from flushing properly besides human waste and toilet paper there will be a charge of $100.  

Tropical Storms/Outdoor Furniture:

In the tropics, tropical storms can sometimes come out of seemingly nowhere and bring with them very high winds and a lot rain.  If you plan to be out for the day, please bring the outside furniture cushions inside.  Otherwise they could end up in the lagoon on the other side of the street.  Please use the same precaution before retiring for the night.  Thank you.

Tropical weather and bugs:

We spray every Penthouse monthly for bugs.  Please do not leave open food or packages inside the condo.  Bugs are attracted to food sources and they seem to come out of nowhere if food is left open or garbage with food or pop residue is laying out.  

Tropical Storms/Towels:

Hopefully it will be the usual sunny time in Cancun for your stay.  But just in case I need to go over this.  Sometimes it can rain very heavily in Cancun, accumulating several inches in a short time.  And, at times these rains are combined with very strong winds.  If this type of storm comes into play during your stay, you will likely get some water seepage through any non fixed window (a window that slides or opens).  Inside the unit, in one of the closets, you will find a blue Ikea bag that is full of old towels.  They are cut in half.  We cut them in half so that everyone knows they have been removed from service.  If you have some water seepage, please use these towels.  Thank you.


We do not have music players in the condos.  We suggest you bring portable speakers and connect via blue tooth to your phone.

Loud Noise:

After 10pm, it is important that you are not super loud when you are outside on the terrace.  Remember that other vacationers may have an early day planned for an excursion and are looking for a good nights sleep.  We rarely get complaints from music played within the Penthouse.  But outside on the terrace is a much different story.  Please be respectful, thank you.

This section is not for most but it does apply to some groups. There is no tolerance for disrespectful behavior including loud coarse language, public groping and the like, public drunkenness and other disrespectful behaviors. If I get a complaint from resort management you will be given a warning via a phone call directly from me. If I am not able to reach you by phone I will email you. This is the one and only warning you will receive and I can assure you I will already be VERY pissed off if I have to call you about a complaint from resort staff or other guests. If I get a 2nd complaint you are out, no refund PERIOD. You will be escorted out by the Federales (police). Showing belligerent disrespect
to others is ridiculous behavior and will NOT BE TOLERATED.

Damage Deposits:

Stained Bath Towels - I LOVE giving full refunds.  You probably have no idea how much I love hearing getting the email that says: All clear.  This means simplicity, this means easy, this means no uncomfortable conversations with guests.  Guys, I have no interest AT ALL in holding back money from a security deposit.  But I cannot give things away that cost us a lot either.  If you break a glass or something like that, just let me know, if it is just one glass, I'm never charging for that.  If you broke a bunch, I have to.  But the truth is that the most common reason for withholding funds is OUR TOWELS.  And it is not that people take them, they stain them.  These towels are 100% cotton.  Stains don't come out easily.  What folks do not understand, is that even if there is a little stain, if I cannot get it out, what am I going to do, keep it in service?  Of course not.  Our bath towels are good size, 53"x30" and we love being able to provide everyone nice towels.  So please, if you really need a towel to wipe something up and you don't have one, use the towels that are cut in half.  They are located in the blue Ikea bag in one of the closets of the unit.  Towels are super expensive in Cancun, they cost us $20 a piece at the Sam's Club.  And that does not include our time to go get more and the aggravation of seeing things get destroyed.  


Stained Sheets:

The second most common reason for withholding anything is our sheets.  My wife specs our towels and sheets.  For sheets, she gets this poly/cotton blend.  It feels really nice, and being part poly, we have a much better chance of getting stains out.  But again, if you think towels are expensive in Cancun, you should look at the sheets.  They are so expensive in fact, that we bring them down from the states.  We have to pay high IVA customs tax, and $125 per extra bag of luggage to get them here, plus loads of time in doing all of this.  If we cannot get a stain out of a sheet set, please know that it will cost you $150.  We have to get a whole new set, we cannot replace individual pillow cases or just a fitted sheet, or just a flat sheet.  They come in sets.  They are nice quality, 575 thread count.  Please try not to stain our sheets.  Thank you!

This is why we cannot give security deposits back immediately.  We have to wash all the towels and sheets first to see if we were able to get the stains out.  And we know all the tricks to getting stains out, that I can tell you.  So I always get the "before washing" pictures and the "after washing" pictures.  And sometimes this can take a while, especially if we are really busy and no units are open to wash anything.  

Keys not returned:

The 3rd most common reason for withholding is lost keys.  This one is tough, because if we don't get a key back, we really need to change the locks.  Would you like it if this was not our policy?  It may be a one in 10,000 chance, but what if some nut case keeps the key, and then turns around and books a hotel room at the resort.  He/she would still have access to the penthouse unit.  Would you want that possibility?

Other reasons:

Sometimes people gets drunk loaded and then can't get into the unit for whatever reason, and subsequently they break the door or door handle or both trying to get into the unit.    

Burn holes in cushions do not happen very often, but then they do, it is most disheartening.  There is no way to fix something like that and make it look right.  The best we can do is match the fabric as close as possible and have the cushion reupholstered.  It never looks right again.  Obviously this would be a full forfeiture of your deposit.

If you have not listened to the rule of smoking outside only, we will know immediately, it is not hard to tell when someone has been smoking inside the unit.  There is a huge difference between lighting up and immediately stepping outside and actually smoking inside the unit.  This situation requires us to call a company to remediate the smell.  This and the burn holes in the cushions would be automatic losses to the security deposit.  

Please treat the place, and more importantly, it's contents, like you would your own stuff.  If you do that, I sincerely doubt you will have any issues getting a full refund.  And I LOVE giving FULL REFUNDS.  It saves myself and our team all kinds of time.  The last thing I want to do is to confront my own guests with stains/damages.  I take no joy in that whatsoever.  But if things are damaged, I have no choice.  

Damage deposits are returned 7-10 days after departure.  Sometimes it is sooner, I do them in batches and if I have a bunch at one where everything is all good, it can be sooner at times.  Also please remember that after I return your deposit is returned on my end, the banks take a few business days to post credits.  

Questions about Cancun?

Our managers have a wealth of knowledge about Cancun and you will find them our team to be super friendly and helpful.  They are happy to help with anything you may want to know about regarding Cancun.

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