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Frequently asked questions about booking multiple units:

Are all the units above on the same floor?


How many units are there on that floor?

Only these 4.

How many beds are there?

7 kings

9 queens

Which size beds are in each unit:

3701: 2 kings, 2 queens

3702: 3 kings, 1 queen

3703: 1 king, 4 queens

3704: 2 kings, 2 queens

What if my group is bigger than 32 people?

We have Penthouse #3000 which is a 3br/3bth roof top unit available in the same tower.  It sleeps up to 10, has 1 king bed and 4 queen beds.  View Penthouse #3000.

What if some of the condos I want to book are not available?  Do you have other condos in this resort?

Yes.  We have three other 4BR condos located in another tower, same resort.  We have four 4br condos in the North tower, and three 4br condos in the center tower.

Are the other three 4BR condos located on the same floor as well?

Yes, all are on the Penthouse Level, which is the top floor, 7th.

Where is Penthouse #2000 located, the one with the private pool?

That is in the main tower.  To get to Penthouse #2000 you take the elevator to the Penthouse Level, then you get off and you get right back on a private elevator which takes you the rest of the way.  So essentially, the front door to #2000 is on the Penthouse Level of the main tower.

Where is #2102 located? 

Center tower, 2nd floor, facing the ocean.

How many units total do you have?


And where are they and how many bedrooms are they?

Center tower:

#2102: 2br/2bth, 2nd floor

#2701: 4br/4.5bt

#2703: 4br/3.5bth

#2704: 4br/3.5bth

#2000: 2br/2.5bth with private pools

North tower:

#3000:  3br/3bth roof top unit

#3701:  4br/3.5bth

#3702:  4br/3.5bth

#3703:  4br/3.5bth

#3704:  4br/3.5bth

Is there a price break for renting multiple units?

Generally not.  We normally sell out during every month except September and October because the units are already priced so favorably.

For many more FAQ's please visit the individual unit and click on FAQ's.  You can access any condo by hovering over the home tab at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on the condo you would like to know more about.

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