What's Nearby

Important note:  Please hover over the bottom of each photo above to see the caption.

Our resort is called Oleo Cancun Playa.  We are located directly on the beach in the famed Cancun Hotel Zone.  For those who know the markers, we are at kilometer 19.5.

Directly across the street from us is:

Restaurant: Navios  

People come from miles around Cancun to experience Navios.  The entire restaurant was built over the bay and they have these private palapas that overlook the water.  The lighting at night is so romantic.  Its a great place for a proposal and a few of our guests couldn't pass up the opportunity to propose here at Navios.  They serve seafood with a Mexican flare, they also have steaks and pasta and the food is sensational.  Most of the photos above are shots of Navios.

Restaurant: Restaurant by Joe

Restaurant by Joe, or as some call it simply, "19.5" is a casual restaurant with great views, friendly service and delicious food.  They serve Angus burgers, along with several Mexican offerings.  They do also serve alcoholic drinks here, plus they offer free wifi and electric.  Great place to hand out and the price is mid range.

Convenience store: Oxxo

Oxxo convenience store has everything you would expect in a convenience store and a bit more.  You can by beer and hard liquor here, and also big bags of ice in case you would like to ice down the cooler in the condo.  They also have a little grille stand in here where they sell fajitas and a few other offerings, like fast food Mexican style.

There is also a tour booth across the street, although you have tour services right at the resort as well.

Now getting around Cancun is easy.  For almost the entire hotel zone you can go only one of two ways, so its a long strip.  And getting up and down the strip is easy.  Buses are always moving and you can go anywhere in the Cancun hotel zone for $.25 cents a person.  That's a deal.  And the buses run 24/7, they are always moving, the wait is never long.  Or if you prefer cabs are always at the ready.  

As you head up the strip, you will notice all the resorts are on the ocean side, and local businesses are on the bay side.  The local businesses are a mix of restaurants, shops, water sport activities, bars, pharmacies and there are some really nice shopping malls as well.  Any time you want off just let the driver know and he will pull over at the next stop.  The stops are all up and down the hotel zone, every few hundred yards.