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My Picks & Tips for Cancun Nightlife...

Cancun is world famous for it’s night life.  And Coco Bongo is a great example of why Cancun has earned this reputation.  In Cancun the idea of the high energy super cool dance club is taken to a whole new level. Great light shows, great sound, electronic wizardry and acoustics...that’s just the beginning with what Cancun has going on.  Add aerial silk shows featuring mid air performances with great shows every night, big name appearances, events of all kinds and you start to get the picture.  The two best dance clubs in Cancun are Coco Bongo and Dady’O.  Coco Bongo is more cutting edge cool in my opinion and the show is a lot better.  The two are located nearly right next door to one another.

TIP: To get into these night clubs you are looking at about $40 cover charge for each club.  And after you get in the drinks are not cheap.  And you are going to wait in line to get them.  To avoid the high cost and the long lines, go here and get this: PARTY TOUR

You will pay $80 for this for the night.  It runs from 10pm-3am.  And for that price you get VIP treatment and no lines and a place to sit, and you also have your cover charge taken care of for the top clubs, and EVEN YOUR DRINKS ARE INCLUDED.  

When you head to the clubs from the resort you are only 6 miles away.  Normally that will take about 10 minutes by cab, or 20 minutes by bus. But at night, different story.  If you leave the resort before 8pm you are fine.  But if you wait until 9pm or later you are looking at some major traffic and it will take you a long time to go 6 miles.

Let's also remember that although Cancun is famous for its big night clubs, there are other nightlife activities of the more romantic variety.  The two most romantic places to take your date in Cancun are:


*  NAVIOS:  Amazingly, it is located DIRECTLY across the street from Oleo where most of the penthouses are located.

Navios was built over the water.  There are also these private palapas there that are surrounded by water.  Combine that with a sunset over the bay, the nice music playing and exquisite lighting and food and you have yourself one heck of a beautiful and romantic experience.

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