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The Cooler

Have you ever been to a resort and tried to bring your own cooler to the pool or beach?  If so, you were probably quickly met with staff explaining that it is not allowed.  Coolers are allowed at our resort, and this is really a nice feature.  Many folks do not want to take the all inclusive every day and this is a wonderful alternative.  You will find a cooler in each penthouse.  And each cooler is on wheels for easy transport to the pool or beach.  Frankly what I like about it is it makes for a nice minim table with drink holders too.  There are 2 rules regarding the cooler, one is, no glass for obvious reasons.  The other is that the coolers are strictly forbidden in the Spa.

This is a great money saving feature.  If you like to really ice down your cooler, bags of ice are sold directly across the street at the Oxxo convenience store.

How do I book this?  No need, one is already inside each penthouse.

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