Airport Transfers & Grocery Store Run

So what is the grocery store run and why is it grouped in with airport transfers?  Good question.  Everyone wants to have snacks and food in the condo, but there are no grocery stores in Cancun, plenty of convenience stores though.  There are a couple of "hybrid stores" which are over priced groceries with less selection than a big store but more than a convenience store.  So we worked with the transfer company we recommend to set up "the grocery store run".  You simply check a box when you go to book your transfer online, it will say something like "Add the grocery store run".  The cost is $30 extra.  When you check that box, they will pick you up at the airport, take you to the grocery store, wait an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  Our guests love this, it gets everything out of the way.  And our concierge are used to our big groups with groceries too.  They will be ready with milk crates and carts to get all your groceries up along with your luggage when you arrive.  So this is what the grocery run is.  You do NOT book this through our "Book In House Services".  You book this through the transfer company we recommend.  Their link is:

What grocery store do they take you to?

You can choose between Selecto Chedraui or Soriana Hiper.  Either one has everything you would typically find at a large grocery store inclusive of a wide assortment of alcohol.

Now, for the airport transfer itself:  For airport transfers I recommend USA Transfers by entertainmen-plus.   We have been referring our guests to this company for years.  They have the lowest prices anywhere.  The cost for a round trip transfer for 10 people or less is only $80.  That's only $8 round trip per person.  Its slightly less if you have 7 people or less.  We have worked with USA transfers to also give our guests the grocery store run direct from the airport.  There are no grocery stores in the Cancun Hotel Zone, only high priced convenience stores.  So this option will save you a lot of money.


Please note:  For any transfer in Cancun you will need more than 1 vehicle if you have more than 10 people.