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Oleo Cancun Playa

Is Oleo in Cancun and also in Playa del Carmen?  No, Oleo Cancun Playa is located directly on the beach in Cancun in the famed Cancun hotel zone.  Playa is a Spanish word that means "beach" in English.  So our resort name in English is Oleo Cancun Beach.

Address: Boulevard Kukulcan Kilometer 19.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico, 77500
Located directly on the beach in the famed hotel zone. 
Phone: 011-52-998-287-2181

On Site:
*  Beautiful fine sand beach with gorgeous Caribbean colors and warm ocean water.  Also you  have the nice view looking up the strip as you can see in the background photo of the web site here.
*  Pool with swim up bar.
All inclusive option for food and drinks:  You can have all the food and drinks (alcoholic drinks included) you want from 9am to 1am for $90.  You do not pay me for this.  You pay at the lobby front desk. Any number of people within your group can be on it.  And each day it is optional.  Kids 17 and under are 1/2 off.  Kids 4 and under are free with paying adult.
For all inclusive there are  3 restaurants, snack bar by the pool, lobby bar, and pool swim up bar.
Other things on the resort grounds:
NOTE: The last two weeks of each year and through Jan 2, the price is significantly higher during Christmas and New Years week.  In 2022 it was $135 per day from Dec 19-Jan 2.  Please note that we have no control over when these higher rates start exactly or end exactly or how much they will be.

*  Spa - note, to use the spa pool there is a $25 charge unless you are paying for a massage - SPA MENU

You can use the following resort facilities without being on the all inclusive and at no charge.  If you purchase something at the convenience store or coffee shop you have to pay for it of course.

*  Gym
*  Coffee shop
*  Tour guide center
*  Convenience store/gift shop.
*  Lobby
*  Resort Pool and lounge chairs and umbrellas
*  Resort Beach and lounge chairs and shade tents

What's nearby: Across the street: Famous Navios restaurant, best food in Cancun at reasonable prices plus the restaurant has an amazing atmosphere, surrounded by water. Also across the street is another restaurant, more casual called 19.5, very good food and reasonable prices.  Also there is a convenience store and water sports place.  

Getting around Cancun: Buses run 24/7, they are always moving, they pick up in front of the resort, you can go anywhere in the hotel zone for .75 cents a person.  Cabs are also always at the ready. Everything on the strip is within minutes by bus or cab.

Are you on the main strip?
Yes, this "strip" is known as the Cancun hotel zone.  We are located directly on the beach in the famed Cancun hotel zone.  Everything is close, within minutes by bus.  And the buses never stop, they run 24/7.  For those that do not know, when you come into the Cancun hotel zone from the airport you have the Caribbean on the right and a big fresh water bay on the left.  That's why in the photos sometimes you will see what looks like the ocean and other times what looks like a lake.  

Is there security:  
Yes, we have 24/7 resort security

Are there bell hops on site?

Is there an actual lobby front desk?

Is this different than a regular condo complex?
Yes.  This is an all inclusive hotel comprised of 3 towers and 180 hotel rooms.  However the penthouses on the top floors are individually owned.  These units are rented outside the resorts rental pool.

Do you recommend the all inclusive?  
My wife and I have 2 children.  When we do go down we normally take it for about 1/2 the time we are there.  The food is really good.  But still it makes most sense if you are going to have some drinks as well.  Remember a mixed drink in Cancun will run about $12 so it does not take long for the all inclusive to become worth while.  We don't normally put our children on the all inclusive.  We bring down plenty of snacks for them all day.  There is a cooler in every condo. These ARE ALLOWED at our resort down by the pool and beach.  And they are easy to bring along, they are all on wheels.

What about groceries, are there any grocery stores nearby?  Great question, since having things on hand will save you a ton of money compared to buying things at the convenience stores.  There are plenty of convenience stores in Cancun.  But there are no grocery stores. Since there is no reason to rent a car in Cancun, we have put together a great plan for our guests through the transfer company we recommend.  You will receive the transfer company info on your confirmation after you book, they are very reasonably priced, cost for 10 people round trip is only $80, a true bargain.  Anyway, when you go to book your transfers, you will see a box that says something like 'add the grocery store run".  You check that box, then what they will do is pick you up, take you to the grocery store, wait there an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  They add $30 to the cost of the transfer for this service.  It pays for itself many times over during your stay.  

Are airport transfer included?
No.  We do not provide airport transfer.  However I do provide you a link to the transfer company I recommend.  The cost is very reasonable, only $80 round trip for up to 10 people. This info is provided on your confirmation you receive from me, Tim Miller.

Is there daily maid service?
It is optional.  It is not included in the price for renting a condo.  The cost is $50 per cleaning or $85 depending on if you want freshly laundered linens or not.  To book additional cleanings, please email me as far in advance as possible, and not less than 2 weeks prior to arrival. Thank you

Is there a washer/dryer inside the condo?

Who do we pay for the extra cleanings? 
You pay my manager directly in Cancun in cash please.  I do not take payment for any services except for the condo rental.

Cooking, is there a chef available during our stay?
We have been offering the in home cooking for many years now.  It has gone over wonderfully for guests.  Our cooks are not "professional chefs".  But they know how to cook authentic Mexican and our guest love this service.  There is no mark up on any of the services I provide.  They are all non-profit, provided as an added value for staying with us. The cost for a meal is $50 for up to 8 people, plus the cost of food.  For people beyond 8 the cost is $6 per person more, plus the cost of the food.  There is no mark up on the food either. My cook will bring the receipt from the grocery store.  You can set up this service by emailing me in advance, please give at least 2 weeks notice, more notice is preferred.  This is first come, first serve and it is a very popular service.  So please book as far in advance as you can.  

Is there WIFI?
Yes, the resort has free wifi

Are there lounge chairs by the pool and beach?

Are there umbrellas by the pool and beach?
By the pool there are umbrellas, out on the beach there are these little tents for shade.

Is the cooler that is kept in each condo allowed by the pool and beach?
Yes.  The only rule is no glass for obvious reasons.

Is the cooler on wheels?

So we can bring our own our own alcoholic drinks by the pool or beach?

If we are not on the all inclusive can we still order food or drinks?
No.  This is an all inclusive resort, there are no cash registers at the bars and restaurants. To be able to purchase the all inclusive separately is something we put together for our guests with the help of the resort.

Are there restaurants nearby?
Yes, there are restaurants located directly across the street.

Is the food good at the nearby restaurants?
Yes, outstanding actually.  Navios is amazingly good and reasonable too.  And 19.5 is restaurant that is more casual and very good food.

We have infant children.  Is there anything in the condos for babies?
Yes, each condo has a packnplay for sleeping, a high chair and a stroller.

How do I choose a condo to rent?
Scroll up and click "Home" at the top of the page.  You can book on the home page to the right of any condo by first choosing the dates on the calendar to the right of the condo you like.  Or, to learn more about the condo click on the picture of it.  You can also book from the Rates & Availability page and several pages on the site have an option to "Book Online".

How does the payment process work?
IF you have a booking for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New years please see the next question.  For all other bookings it is 20% down, balance due 60 days prior to arrival.

How does it work for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?
For Thanksgiving it is 20% down, balance due 90 days prior to arrival.  For Christmas and New Years it is 20% down, 20% 5 months prior to arrival, 20% 4 months prior to arrival, balance due 90 days prior to arrival.

What form of payment do you take?
Visa, master or discover card.  If you do not have a credit or debit card wire transfers are another option.

What if we are almost ready to book and we don't want to lose our dates?  You can email me, Tim, at and I can give you a hold on your dates.  Holds are only good for 2 days.  Please do not ask for a hold unless you are almost certain you will be booking.

Early check in, what if we have an early flight in, are early check ins allowed? 
IF we do not have another group departing the same day your group is arriving then we will make every effort to get you an early check in.  Note: Worst case scenario is that we can take your luggage for you after 12 noon then you can go out to enjoy your day until 4pm check in time?

When is check in time and check out time?
4pm check in time, 11am check out time.

Can we order a pizza from the condo?
Yes, the info for this is noted on our confirmation after you book.

How much do we tip the bell hops?
Typically $2 per item as a base number.

Since this is an all inclusive, do we still tip the wait staff or bar tender?
Yes, tips are is not included in the all inclusive price.  So please tip bartenders and wait staff.

Is this a family friendly resort?

What type of crowd comes to this resort?  
It is a mixed group.  We have a lot of middle aged folks, some younger and some older and families with children.  So its a very well rounded group.

Do I need to rent a car?
No, you don't need to rent a car in Cancun.  Buses run 24/7 and they stop right out in front of the resort.  Or cabs are always at the ready if you prefer.

Is there parking if we want to rent a car?
There is, but parking is very limited.  I cannot guarantee you would have a space available.

Where is the least expensive place to book these condos?
If you want to book DIRECT you have found the right place.  Here you are not paying the additional services fees charged by other vacation rental listing sites.

Do you provide airport transfers?
No, however I do provide a link to the transfer company I recommend.

How much is the airport transfer?
For 10 people or less it runs $80 round trip including luggage.  Its a bargain.

What company is it:  This info and link is provided on your confirmation you receive from me.

How far is the resort from the airport?
20 minutes.

What type of credit cards do you accept for payment?
Visa, master or discover card.

Can we pay in any other way?
You can if you really need to.  You can do a wire transfer or mail a check.  But paying by credit card is the preferred method because it is so simple and easy.

How do I email you with questions?
My name is Tim Miller.  email is:

Can I call you?
Sure, my number is 847-636-2232.  Day times are best or Saturdays.  If I am available at night I will answer or call you back.

Can we book over the phone if we want?

Do you prefer one method over the other?
If it makes no difference to you, booking online is easier on my end.

Are there wave runner rentals nearby?
Yes, they are normally right out on our beach, or a neighboring beach.

Can we sign up for parasailing too?
Normally the wave runner rental guys can have the para-sail boats come over to you.

Is there a place to sign up for tours/attractions at the hotel?

Are there any you recommend?
Yes.  At the top of this page hover over "Guidance and tips" and then click on Activities & Excursions.

Do you recommend any restaurants?
Yes.  At the top of this page hover over "Guidance and tips" and then click on Restaurants.

Does the beach ever get over crowded?
Each tower here is 7 stories.  So it's not like Daytona beach where the beaches can get super crowded because the buildings are 30 stories high.  The tourist population density is more spaced out here in Cancun.  So the beaches are never super crowded.

What is your cancellation policy?
Hover over "General Info" at the top of the page then click on cancellation policy.

How do we get the keys to the unit?
My manager is there at the resort to welcome you and show you around.  In a worst case scenario, the keys are left at the lobby front desk in your name.

What is the name of your manager in Cancun?
We have 2 managers, depends on the unit you book.  Either Francis or Abdiel.

Can we ask your managers about advice for Cancun or maybe giving us a ride to some places?
Sure, many of our guests end up starting long lasting relationships with Francis and Abdiel.

Do we need to bring any special power converters for the outlets in the condos?

Are there hair dryers in the condos?

Are there coffee makers in the condos?

Are there blenders in the condos?

Is there a safe for valuables in the condos?

Do we need to buy bottled water?
Some of the condos have water filtration or water dispensers.  But you will want to buy some bottled water anyway so you can take some with you whenever you head out.  The condos that have water filtration or water dispensers are 2704, 2701, 371, 372, 3730, villa 10.

Do you provide any supplies?
Only 3 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom and hand soap.  Please purchase all other supplies.

Do you provide salt and pepper?

What type of coffee maker filters do we buy?
The basic standardized type.  Not the specialty type.  Like the kind used for Mr. coffee.

Are there pots, pans, dishware, glassware, utensils, strainer, wine opener, serving bowls?
Yes.  And if you are missing anything or need anything just let Francis or Abdiel know.  They will be happy to get you what you need from the store and bring it to you.  We are big on customer service.

Is there beach volleyball on the beach?

Can we smoke in the condo?
All units are non-smoking.  Smoking is permitted on the terraces.  PLEASE be super careful not to burn a hole in the fabric of the outdoor furniture.

Are linens provided?
Yes, linens and bath towels are provided.

Are the beds made up when we arrive?
Yes.  Everything is clean and ready.

Do we need to bring beach towels?
Please do bring beach towels.  We try to keep some on hand but they tend to disappear often.

Is the water safe to drink at the resort?
At the restaurants, yes.  Out of the tap of the condo I would suggest you do not as a precaution.

Is the water safe to drink at the restaurants in Cancun?
Yes, they all use purified water and ice.

What is we want a lot of ice?
If you want lots of ice there is a convenience store located directly across the street from the resort.

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