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Cancun Safety

Over the years, Cancun has taken a lot of unfair bad press regarding violence.  Part of the truth is always told, but it is far from the whole truth.  For example, regarding homicide, did you know that the Cancun Hotel Zone is one of the safest places on earth?   Probably not, and that is because of unfair press coverage.  The press makes a lot of money selling fear, and they do everything they can to make crime look like it is in the hotel zone.  For example, many articles I see portray the Cancun beach in the background.  The crime scene isn't even in the hotel zone, let alone on a beach.  Its very frustrating.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago.  Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities on the planet.  Yet my family has no fear of going to Chicago for a Cubs game, or to a museum or Navy Pier, shopping districts, etc.  Why is that?  Because we go where the tourists go.  We do not go to drug infested parts of the city where all the tragedy is happening.  And in any city there are good and bad parts of town.   It is unfortunate that a long time ago the US government issued a travel alert that covers an entire region of Mexico that includes Cancun.  The Cancun Hotel Zone and frankly even Cancun should not be included in that alert when you look at the statistics.  

Regarding resort security, we have 24 hour gated security.  Our resort is well staffed and our security and lobby staff are open 24/7. 

Please do not waste your time worrying about safety in Cancun.  I am taking my family here this July, and I would never hesitate to bring my wife and children here.  We have been vacationing here since 2004 before my kids were born.  Of course I would never put them in harms way either.  Cancun is as safe, on the whole, as other cities of its size in the world.  And regarding homicide, the Cancun Hotel Zone is among the safest places on earth.

Tim Miller

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