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Snorkeling or Fishing with Mike

Snorkeling with Mike:

If you want a private snorkeling tour that is a great time this is it!  When you go out with Mike on the boat, the idea of a corporate feel is out the window.  Mike is great, wonderful captain, always smiling and joking and Mike is so much of what makes this tour.  The tour runs about 5-6 hours. 

Mike takes you to different places where the underwater beauty is especially amazing, protected waters by the Mexican government.  One of the areas is also very shallow so you can walk around about waist high and go under to view beautiful tropical fish.  This part is great for younger kids.  Mike also takes you to Isla Mujeres.  This is a small island, no motorized vehicles are allowed there.  This island is where you will have lunch which is included.  Alcoholic drinks during lunch are not included.  Once on the island, you find golf carts awaiting you.  This way you can explore Isla Mujers on your own.  It takes about an hour to go all the way around the island by golf cart, its really an interesting experience.  Our kids loved driving the golf carts part of the time.  Its also a nice break in the day.  

The other nice thing about going out with Mike is the flexibility.  For example, while we were cruising along once I asked Mike if he could stop the boat.  All it was is that the water was so beautiful, so clear, just incredible.  I wanted to stop so I could see the bottom, and you can from even 10 meters or more!  Then we all jumped in and had a quick swim, great break from the heat.  This is to give you an idea of how Mike is just great.  He can be flexible, he wants you to have fun.  We didn't ask for snorkeling gear, we just wanted to dive in for a few minutes.  No big deal with Mike!

What's included:

5-6 hours from the point where you take off from the dock.

All the snorkeling gear and life jackets needed.

Lunch on Isla Mujeres. (for snorkeling tour only, not the fishing tour)

Golf cart rental on Isla Mujeres.  (for snorkeling tour only, not the fishing tour)

Round trip transportation.

Cost: $75 per person.  If 6 people or less cost is $450 total.

Cash only, US dollars please.  Please tip Mike if you think he did a great job for you.


Pick up times from the resort is 9am.  They will call you when they are in the lobby.  One hour time windows for pick up.

How do I book this?  On the Book House Services Page.


Above: Mike's boat for smaller groups.  Mike's larger boat can hold 20 people.


Our family on Isla Mujeres with Mike's tour.

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