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About Us

From left to right, Abdiel, Tim, Megan and Paola.  Tim and Megan own and operate the business, mostly from the US.  Abdiel and Paola are our managers that are on the ground in Cancun.  They are at the resort every day to check in our guests and provide anything our guests may need during their stay.

Hi I'm Tim Miller.  You have probably seen my name regarding Cancun if you have been searching for beachfront condos.  I'm glad that you found the home site because here you will find the lowest prices anywhere for these condos.  And there are also many services offered on my home site that you will not find on brokerage sites like vrbo, homeaway, tripadvisor, airbnb and others.


My brother and I bought a condo here in Cancun back in 2004.  At the time our resort was known as Beach Paradise.  Shortly thereafter we experienced hurricane Wilma back in 2005, it was largely overshadowed by hurricane Katrina that same year.  Through the years that followed we had some poor resort operators.  But in 2015 we reached agreement with Best Day to run our resort.  They put millions into renovations.  Phase 1 of 2 was completed Dec of 2016.  Phase 2 of 2 is slated for completion by Dec 15, 2017.  Our newly remodeled resort is very exciting for us!  Its clean, bright, modern, brand new and beautiful.

My brother and I started renting vacation rentals back in 2003 when the industry was very young.  Today, its much different.  One of the biggest recent developments is that big names like vrbo, homeaway and trip advisor moved from a listing site for vacation rental seekers to a brokerage site.  This is why you see the big price increases to you, the consumer.  They tack on 10%-25% onto the real prices we charge.  That's why buying direct from my site is essentially buying wholesale now, and is advertised as such.  So now it is really upon us owners to make our own web sites that combine multiple opportunities in one place, or niches, to offer to travelers.  

But more than that, I have always tried to offer our guests unique features that you can't find just anywhere.  For example, there are no grocery stores in the Cancun hotel zone.  There are plenty of high priced convenience stores in the hotel zone, but you have to go to El Centro to get reasonably priced groceries.  You can go direct from the airport to the grocery store, then to the hotel with the transfer company I recommend.  The extra cost (above and beyond the cost of the transfer is $35, and this includes waiting an hour while you shop.  It saves you a lot of money over the course of your stay.  Or maybe you would like an authentic Mexican meal prepared right in the condo.  We can do that for you and the cost is only $80  for up to 8 people, and $10 per person if you have more than 10, plus the cost of food and there is no mark up on the food.  These and others like them are non-profit services we offer our guests.

When you arrive to the resort you are welcomed by either Abdiel or Paola, one of our two full time property managers.  They are there to welcome you, check you in, give you the keys, show you the various details of the condo and moreover, they are there should you need anything.

After we bought here back in 2004, other owners began to approach us to take care of their condos also.  We made a decision back then to only accept units that fit a certain niche.  Beachfront, and big or very unique penthouse units that were nicely finished.  That's the grouping you now see here on this site.

We have guests that return year after year because they enjoy the many benefits of booking with us.  Some keep coming back because of our managers and cooks, others love the resort and our beach and pool and flexible all inclusive option for food and drinks.  For others they want to celebrate a special occasion and they need a big space and they want it to be special with awesome views.  Whatever your reason is, our goal is to keep you coming back again and again.


Tim Miller

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