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The Penthouses of OLEO Cancun Playa Resort

Vacation Rentals Situated on the White Sands of Cancun, Mexico

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Tim Miller

4  Bedrooms


4.5 Baths


Sleeps 8-9
Maximum 12


3 Kings 
1 Queen 


1 Sofa bed


3  Bedrooms




Sleeps 8-10
Maximum 12


1 King 
4 Queens 


1 Airbed


4  Bedrooms



Sleeps 8
Maximum 12


2 Kings 
2 Queens 

2 Airbeds


4  Bedrooms



Sleeps 8
Maximum 12


3 Kings 
1 Queen 


2 Airbeds


4  Bedrooms



Sleeps 8-10
Maximum 12


1 King 
4 Queens 


1 Airbed


4  Bedrooms



Sleeps 8
Maximum 8


2 Kings 
2 Queens 


16  Bedrooms

13 Bathrooms
4 Powder Rooms


Sleeps 32
Maximum 34


8 Kings 
9 Queens 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book?
You can book online on the site here or you can call me at 847-636-2232.  I'm available for phone calls Monday through Saturday.  Days mostly but if I'm available at night I will pick up.  Meanwhile to book online you can click the button to the upper right of this page or after you click on any condo you will see a button that says "Book".

How much do I have to put down?
Its 20% down and balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.  HOWEVER, for Christmas and New Years bookings you go on a payment plan.  Its 20% down, 20% 5 months prior to arrival
20% 4 months prior to arrival
and remaining 40% due 90 days prior to arrival.

How do you take payment?
Visa, master or discover

What is if it already less than 60 days prior to arrival when I book?
Then the balance is due in full when you book.

Do you charge a security/damage deposit and if so how much is it?
Yes, its $500.

When do we get that back?
We process them in batches at a time, typically 7-10 days after departure.

Do most people get that back?
Yes, the majority of our guests get all of their deposit back.  The most common reason for with holding any funds is because of not returning all the keys and damaged or missing towels.  Stained or damaged sheets is the next most common. Cigarette burns on outdoor furniture is an automatic no return of the deposit, please be careful if you are smoking.  If you break something small like a glass or plate we will typically not charge you for something like that as long as you let us know, unless you broke several.

Is the page secure?
Yes, absolutely, its encrypted.

How do I check availability?
Click on the condo for which you want to check availability.  Then click on Rates or Book, either one will show an availability calendar.  Red dates are booked.  If your dates are not in the current month, just arrow right to the month you want to view.  Then click the little arrow button to fill in how many adults and how many kids.

How do I see how much the price is?
The easiest way is to click on the condo for which you want to check the price.  Then Click on Rates or Book, either one will show an availability calendar.  Then click on the date you want to arrive, and then the date you want to depart.  Then click the little arrow button to the right of "How Many Adults" and enter that number.  Do the same for the number of children.  The complete total will then be displayed.

Does getting a price obligate me to book?
Not at all.

I'm not able to enter my departure date, but I see the dates are available, and it looks like a pink color when I hover over my departure date.  What is going on?
Your selecting too few nights.  The minimum number of nights you can stay is usually 4.  However its only 3 at some times of year and in high season winter and summer there is a 5 night minimum.

I see on the calendar a price for each night and a weekly price, are those prices exactly accurate?

Are the prices the same for these units on other sites like airbnb, homeaway and tripadvisor?
Yes, the prices should be exactly the same regardless of where you find them.  However this is the ONLY site where you do not have to pay the commission charged from the other sites.  Essentially, you are buying (renting) direct here and bypassing "the middle man".

What do I receive after I book?
You'll receive a confirmation/welcome pack immediately via email.  Then 60 days prior to arrival you will receive another confirmation with a more extensive welcome pack, very helpful.

How do we pay the balance due?
You don't have to do anything, the same card you used for the down payment will be charged automatically.  That will be followed up with your last confirmation/receipt and more extensive welcome pack.

What if we want to use a different card for the balance?
No problem.  Please contact me to let me know, but don't send any credit card info via email, its not safe.  You can email me at and I will send you a link where you can safely make a payment on my site with a different card.  Or you can call me if you prefer at 847-636-2232.

When is good to call?
Day times are best Monday through Saturday.  If I'm available at night I will pick up.

What is I just want a hold on dates because I'm ready to go subject to checking flights and tying up a couple lose ends?
You can get a hold on dates without committing to the booking.  However I ask that you ask for a hold only if you are ready to make a reservation subject to getting flights or something similar where you are ready to go except a detail of some kind or another.

How do I get a hold?
Please email me the unit number you want, and the arrival and departure date you want.

How long does a hold last?
2 days.

What if I need more time?
A hold can be extended for up to 2 additional days.  That's as long as a hold can go.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please hover over "Basics" above and in the drop down box click on "Cancellation Policy".

How do we get the keys when we arrive?
Abdiel and Francis are my managers in Cancun.  Who you get depends on which unit you book.  You will see their contact info on your confirmation/welcome pack.  Abdiel and Francis are wonderful people, they will take really good care of you.  They will be at the resort waiting for you to arrive.  This is why I ask for your flight info, so that Abdiel and Francis can plan their day.

Can Abdiel and Francis help us out with questions about Cancun?
Absolutely.  The both have a huge knowledge base, they have lived there for their entire lives.

What if I need something when I am in Cancun, who do I call?
Simply email Abdiel or Francis and you will see they will get back to you promptly.  I ask that you copy me in any correspondence just to keep me in the loop.  All that info is in your welcome pack.

Do your managers us how to work the remotes and other things?
Yes, they show you several very helpful things when they take you through the condo.  Please pay attention, because many things are in Spanish such as working the washer and dryer.  And the remotes can be confusing so please tune in on that part of the walk through as well.

I read somewhere that you offer in home cooking.  Is that worth doing?
Yes, for sure, its an outstanding value and the food is so delicious.  

What does it cost?  $80 for up to 8 people plus the cost of the food.

How much for more than 8 people?
$10 per person, plus the cost of the food.

Is there any mark up on food?
No, our cook will bring you a receipt from the grocery store.

How can you do this for such a low price?
Because there is no profit involved.  I offer this service as another reason to stay with us rather than for profit.  Plus, not everything in life needs to involve money.

Is daily cleaning service included?
No.  When you rent a condo, this is fairly standard.  

What is we want the condo cleaned when we are there?
You can purchase additional cleaning services.  We have two types, one is $85 and one is $50 per cleaning.  The higher priced one includes freshly laundered linens.

How do I pay for the extra cleaning if I want them?
You pay in Cancun, in cash to my my manager.

How can I book extra cleanings?
Its on the Book In House Services page.

I know people in Cancun, what if we want to use our own cleaning people?
You cannot do it.  The resort does not allow this.  It is a resort rule, it is out of my hands.

What if we know friends in Cancun, can they visit us?
Not at the resort, no.  The resort does not allow visitors.  However, you may be able to add them to the reservation.  Each condo has a limit on how many people can stay there.  If you are below your limit, you can add the visitors to your reservation and then they are part of your reservation technically.

Is there a cost for this?
It depends.  In the 4 bedroom units you can have up to 10 people with no additional charge.  Once you exceed 10 it is $75 per person per day extra cost.  This would also apply to any visitors, even if they do not spend the night because they are on the actual reservation and this is the only way to get them in.  

Can you make an exception to this? 
I am not able to.  The resort requires the names and ages of each person for each reservation.  You cannot get past security if that name is not on the reservation.  Please remember that if our guests are adding more people (visitors) this adds wear and tear to each beach chair and makes the resort more crowded with more people vying for available tents and umbrellas.  The resort has a valid reasoning to uphold these rules.

What if we make a new friend in Cancun and want to have them over to our unit?
You can add them to your reservation subject to the same rules noted above.  After you submit the name(s) age(s) of your new friends we will need 24 hours to get it done for you, and it can take longer if it a Sunday is part of that 24 hour process.

Do the condos have washers and dryers or is there a washing facility at the resort?
Each penthouse has a washer and dryer inside the unit.

Are linens provided?

Are bath towels provided?
Yes, 5 per bathroom.

Are hand towels provided?

Are beach towels provided?
Some are provided.  We keep 6 in each unit.

Do the condos have dishwashers?
Some do.  The condos that have dishwashers are:

Do the units have pots, pans, glassware, utensils and the like?
Yes on all.

Do the condos have blenders?
Yes, all do.

Do all the condos have coffee makers?
Yes, they all do.

Do all the condos have a safe for valuables?
Yes, all do.

Do the condos have microwaves?
Yes, all do.

Do we need to bring electrical converters for the outlets?

Do the condos have irons?

Ironing boards?

Hair dryers?
Yes, there should be one in each bathroom.

Can you smoke in the condo?
No, but you can smoke out on the terrace of the condo.

Do the condos have salt, pepper and common spices?
Yes to salt and pepper, we do not provide other spices.

What about toilet paper and those kind of supplies?
Its very limited.  We do start you out with 3 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom.  There is also a roll of paper towels, and hand soap at all the sinks.  Lastly, you do not need to get garbage bags, we provide those.  The reason is they need to fit the container and we have several containers per condo as Mexico is now doing recycling and we have to divide up different items.  A little different than the US.
We also provide salt, pepper and cooking oil as a courtesy.

Do we need to buy bottled water?
I suggest buying bottled water because you should have some on hand for when you are on the go.  
How much you buy depends on the condo.  In 3701, 3702 and 2701 there is reverse osmosis for clean drinking water.  In 3703 and 2704 there is Hinckley and Schmidt dispensers and if you are coming close to running out just let my manager know and we bring in another jug free of charge.  Only 2000 and 3000 do not have fresh water on hand.

Do the condos have a grille?
No they do not.

Why not?
Its a huge maintenance issue being up on the higher floors as wind could blow them down during a storm.

Any suggestions for grilling?
Yes, you are allowed to grille out, but we do not keep grilles on hand, even when left behind from a previous guest.  You are welcome to purchase a grille and use it while you are there at the condo.  However please do keep an eye on the grilles.  High winds can sometimes come out of nowhere in the tropics and the results could create a huge mess.

Are there grocery stores nearby?
No, there are only convenience stores in the hotel zone.  Now some may argue that but the two "grocery stores' in the hotel zone are more like hybrids.  Meaning the have more selection than a convenience store, way less than a big grocery store and the prices are high because the rent is so high on the strip.

How far away is a big grocery store?
30 minutes, could be 45 if traffic is heavy.

Any recommendations on that?
Yes.  When you book your transfers with the transfer company that I recommend you will see a box that you can check for something like "add the grocery store run".  when you do that they will add $30 to your total.  For that they will pick you up from the airport, take your whole group to the grocery store, wait an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  You will come out way a head doing it this way.

Do you provide airport transfers?

What transfer company do you recommend?
USA transfers

How much does the transfer cost?
Round trip for up to 10 people is only $80, very reasonable, best price I have been able to find for our guests.  And their service has always been good.

What if we have 11 people or more?
You would need to get another vehicle, so the price would be higher by about $80 round trip.

What if we have 10 people plus a new born baby?
They will count it as 11 people unless the child is still in Moma's tummy.

I read somewhere about a snorkeling excursion you recommend, what is that about?
Its a completely private tour with Mike, an old friend of mine.  He's a great guy, our guests love him.  So the tour goes for 5-6 hours and Mike takes you to protected waters where the underwater beauty is amazing.  It includes lunch on Isla Mujeres (but does not include alcoholic drinks).  It also includes a golf cart rental on Isla Mujeres so you can tour the island for an hour and it takes about an hour to go around the entire island, its very interesting actually, and its a nice break from being out on the boat.  The cost is $65 per person unless you have 6 people or less in which case its $390 total.

How do I book this?
Its on the Book In House Services page.

Do you have other recommendations for excursions?
Yes, here are my recommendations.

Do you have any recommendations for restaurants?
Yes, here are my recommendations.

What is the name of the resort?
Oleo Cancun Playa

Where is it located?
We are in the famed Cancun hotel zone and we are directly on the beach.  We are at kilometer 19.5.

What is the resort address:
Blvd. Kukulcan kilometer 19.5
Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Quintana Roo
Mexico, 77500

How far are you from the airport?
15 minutes.

What is the resort phone number?

How far are you from the big night clubs like Coco Bongos?
6 miles.

What is nearby?
Right across the street are two restaurants and a convenience store.  One restaurant is Navios, which is an amazing seafood place.  The ambiance there is really something, especially at sunset and at night. The whole restaurant was built over the water and they have these little private palapas for families that are surrounded by water.  Its incredibly romantic.  A few of our guests have asked for their brides hand in marriage here.  Meanwhile the other restaurant is more casual, called restaurant by Joe.  Very good food there too plus they have free wifi.

Do we need to rent a car in Cancun?
No.  Buses run 24/7 and you can go anywhere in the Cancun hotel zone for .25 cents a person.  The wait is never long for the buses, they are always moving.  Or, if you prefer cabs are always at the ready.

What is we really want to rent a car.  Is there parking?
Yes, we do have a very small lot, so we really encourage you to not rent a car.  But if you must we will find you a space.

Is Cancun safe?

Then why do I hear the news stories of murders in Cancun?
The violence is not in the Cancun Hotel Zone where the tourists are located.  But you wouldn't know that by reading the articles.  I never realized how fake the press can be until I saw some of these articles.  They show beaches in the background on these articles.  Seriously? These acts of violence are not anywhere near the tourists.  Look, I live in Chicago and we all know how bad our city is regarding murders. Now I have a wife and two children.  Would I ever hesitate to take my family to a ballgame or museum, or shopping in Chicago?  Of course not, because the violence is not where the tourists go.  And its exactly the same in Cancun.  I have been taking my family to Cancun since my boys were 2 and 4 years old.  Now they are 14 and 16 and I would never hesitate to take them with me to Cancun.  Our next vacation is July as of this writing.  Please don't let the fear mongers scare you, Cancun is as safe as any US city of similar size.  And regarding homicide, the Cancun hotel zone may be one of the safest places in the world.

Does the resort have 24 hour security?

Is it gated security?

I see the sleeping capacity for the 4br units is 12 but there are not enough beds to sleep 12?
In each condo we have queen size air beds for extra beds.  We have linens for these as well.  I have found air beds to be more comfortable than pull out couches.  Although I think pull out couches are finally starting to make a comeback.  Some are quite comfortable now.  

Do all the bedrooms have a TV?
Yes, in all condos.

Is there a music player?
Yes, each condo should have a music player that can hook up to your phone.

Is there free wifi in the condos?

Do you have cribs or something for babies to sleep in?
We have a packnplay in every condo.

Do you have anything else for babies?
Yes, we have a quality stroller in each condo and also a high chair.
Are there restaurants on site?
How is this possible with a condo rental? I thought it would be a condo complex.
We are in a very unique situation for a condo rental and the beneficiary is you, our guest!  Oleo Cancun Playa is an all inclusive resort and yet there are some individual properties owned here.  And some owners rent them to vacationers.
Can we get in on the all inclusive and purchase it for a day?
Yes, you can purchase the all inclusive any time you want at the lobby front desk.
Do you have to buy it for all the days you are there?
No, you can pick and choose whichever day(s) you want.  Any day you decide you would like it just go to the lobby front desk and buy it for that day.
What if some in our group want it for a day and others don't?
No problem, its very flexible.  Whoever wants it buy it.  You don't have to have your whole group on it.
How much does it cost?
Currently the price is $90 per person per day for adults, and $45 for kids 17 and under.

If we are not on the all inclusive can we still purchase drinks or food at the restaurants?

No.  This is an all inclusive resort, there are no cash registers, they are not set up for singular transactions for drinks or food.  At the restaurants and bars, if they see you have an all inclusive wristband, they will service you.  If they do not see the wristband, they cannot service you.

Can we use the pool and beach if we are not on the all inclusive?


Can we use the resort lounge chairs and shaded tents and umbrellas by the pool if we are not on the all inclusive?


Can we bring our own drinks by the pool and beach?

Yes.  A cooler is provided in the condo for this very purpose.  It is on wheels and easy to carry with you.  The resort allows the cooler by the pool or beach, but NOT in the spa please.

Can we use the resort spa and gym if we are not on the all inclusive?


Where do we purchase the all inclusive?

At the lobby front desk.

Can we do this in advance?

No, you can only do it when you are there at the resort.

Can we have some in our group be on the all inclusive and others not?


How many restaurants are at the resort?

Three, but they are not all open at the same time, some are open only at night.

How many bars/lounges are at the resort?

Two, one is the swim up bar, one is a resort bar and lounge.

Is there a snack bar?

Yes, its by the pool and its open every day from 11:30am-5:30pm.  It used to be 11am-5pm so just keep that as a side note in case they change it back.

What other alternatives are there for food if we are not on the all inclusive?

1.  There are restaurants directly across the street.

2.  You can schedule authentic Mexican in home cooking.  The cost is very reasonable, only $50 for up to 8 people plus the cost of the food, and there is no mark up on the food.  This is a not for profit opportunity we give offer all our penthouse guests.  

3.  You can get groceries/snacks on your own from the grocery store to have on hand throughout your stay.   There are no grocery stores in Cancun, only convenience stores.  You can schedule the grocery store run by booking this through the transfer company I recommend.  The cost of $30 is added to the cost of your transfers.  For this, the transfer company will take you from the airport to the grocery store, wait an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  

4.  There is a nice cooler located in every condo and each cooler is on wheels.  You can buy full bags of ice right across the street at the convenience store to ice down the cooler.  There are two main rules for the coolers.  1. No glass for obvious reasons.  2. These are NOT permitted in the spa.     

Can I get a massage at the spa without being on the all inclusive? 

Yes, however you do have to pay for a massage, whether you are on the all inclusive or not.

Pool hours: 7am-9pm

Gym hours: 6am-10pm

Spa hours: 8am-10pm

Coffee Shop: 6am-10pm (coffee shop is not part of all inclusive, you pay in cash or credit card here)

Convenience store: 7am-10pm

When is check in and check out time?

4pm check in

11am check out

What is we have an early flight in, can we check in early?  

If we do not end up with another party checking out the same day you arrive, you are welcome to check in early.  Now if we do have a same day departure then we will get your luggage off your hands as soon as the previous guests have left which is normally right about 11am.

If we are able to check in early how much do you charge for that?

Its complimentary.

What if we have an early flight in and we did the grocery store run, are we risking losing our perishable items?

Unless the flight is especially early, no.  We can typically get into the condo shortly after the guests check out at 11am.  So even if you care not able to check in right away, we will get all your groceries up and get your perishables in the fridge for you.  We will of of course also bring your luggage up.  Then you can go out to enjoy your day until check in time.

Do you recommend exchanging dollars for pesos?


What is the reasoning?

Because some local places will not give you a fair exchange rate if you pay with dollars.  So you are better off just having the pesos on hand, you will come out a head for sure.

Where should we make the exchange?

Definitely not at the airport, its a terrible rate there.  They exchange at the resort, but still not a good rate.  Ask Abdiel or Francis, because each time I write about this it changes.  Currently the best rate for exchanges is 5 miles North of the resort.

What about paying by credit card?

This is a great choice.  The reason why is that it is the credit card company that determines the amount of the exchange rate.  This is typically higher than even the best exchange house for dollars to pesos.  However please note that you will pay from your credit card holder an international fee of 3.5% per transaction.  There are some cards now that do not have this fee, but few.  But you are still coming out a head compared to paying potentially 5%-20% more with dollars in cash and a poor exchange rate.

What cards are typically excepted in Mexico?

Visa, master and Amex.  Discover is normally not accepted.

Is there a place we can go to get some really low cost food that's good?

Yes, Brisas is 3 miles North, its very small and old looking.  But don't be fooled.  The food is excellent, authentic Mexican.  You can eat to your hearts content for $10.  If your appetite is not big like mine it will run you a lot less.  This place also has a friendly pelican that may visit.

How much should we tip for different things?

Tipping is obviously objective, but here are some norms for various things.

Concierge taking your luggage up to the penthouse: $2-$3 per luggage piece.

If you have groceries also going up figure $3-$4 per luggage piece.

If you are on the all inclusive, I recommend you tip $1 per drink at the bars.  At the restaurant tips are discretionary.  Technically tips are built into the cost of the all inclusive but what most do not know is that this amount is only about 3%.  So please do not hesitate to make someones day.

Going out on the boat with Mike, if you are very happy, $50-$100

For Francis or Abdiel after your stay:  This depends so much on if you want them to be of service to you during your stay.  A lot of folks want to be left alone, some want a degree of help, and others will ask our managers to be a big part of their vacation.  Its very hard to say on this one, use your gut feeling is the best I can offer you.

Should we always give at least something to Abdiel or Francis?  Yes, please, this is the culture in Mexico.  Even if its just $10 it shows you care and are happy with their service.

Transfer company driver: 10-15% of the total is ok.

Other services such as jet skis, parasailing: 10-15%

Tour guides: 10-15%

In Home Cooking: $10US if you are happy, $20 if you are ecstatic.

Will my cell phone work ok in Cancun?

A lot depends on your service provider.  If you have Verizon or AT&T your cell phone should work well.  However the calls will still not always go through.  Emails and texts work great, no issues there, at least not with the two majors.

I tried calling home from my cell and its not going through, can you help?

Try dialing 001 then the 1 and the 10 digit number.

I heard they do not allow regular sunscreen in a lot of places, is this true?

Yes, many places will only allow biodegradable sunscreen.  You may want to pack that if you have room, you can get it on amazon for a good price.  They charge a lot at the big excursions for biodegradable sunscreen.

Does the resort have a tour guide?
Yes, there is a place to sign up for tours right in the resort.

Does the pool have a life guard? 


Does the beach have a life guard?

Yes, typically from about 9am to 5pm there is a life guard.

Does the resort have any place to grille out?


Does the resort have a jacuzzi/hot tub?


But the photos on the resort web site seem to show what looks like a jacuzzi, why is that?

I think Oleo Cancun Playa does a great job, you can see that by the reviews if you look them up.  But this picture is a small children's pool, but it looks like a big jacuzzi.  

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