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Covid Testing &

much more at a great price

Affordable medical care protection for you and your loved ones


We are always looking for great deals for our guests.  This is surely one of them.  

This insurance plan is not major medical.  What it offers is some very welcome peace of mind during this time of covid.  The coverage includes covid testing (if warranted of course) along with some emergency room possibilities such as sutures (up to 7 centimeters), blood and urine work ups, x-rays and several other potential necessities.  For a complete list of the coverage click here.

If interested, the cost works out to $11 per week per person and it's super easy to sign up.  Enter promo code: timspicks to get the $11 price.  It's a nice deal at the $14.99 price shown, and it's a true bargain at the $11 price point that we worked out for our guests.  As with all services I recommend, their is never a monetary incentive for Tim Miller or Tim's Ocean Condos.  Instead, it's all about what is best for our guests.  We give any commissions offered directly back to our guests in the form of a promo code.  This is just as as we do with the airport transfers.  Any in home services offered are also offered to our guests at raw cost, such as in home cooking and the special snorkeling excursion.

Cancun hospital locations and contact info:

Sounds great, sign me up!

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