Frequently asked questions about Cancun and Covid 19

Last update: Feb 8, 2021



We heard about the new CDC rule stating that US citizens traveling abroad needed to be tested for covid within 72 hours of returning to their home country.  How do we get tested? 

First, this is correct.  As of Jan 22, anyone traveling abroad must test negative for covid before returning.  The test must be taken within 72 hours of heading back home.  

I am very happy to inform our guests that we have now begun proving tests in the resort, so you do not have to leave the resort to be tested.  Tests are set up for a specific date and time through my wife Megan.  Megan has worked very hard to get all of this arranged.   Thank you Megan!   Testing is provided one right after the other in your group so it is taken care of with minimum down time during your vacation.  Results are available the same day.  Documentation for being able to board the plane back home is promptly the day after the tests.  Cost is currently $80 per test.  This is our raw cost, no mark up.  We do this as a special courtesy for our guests.  We will continue to work to bring the price down if at all possible.  Megan is also working on a web page for our guests where they are potentially able to set up the date and time on their own.  However we are currently trying to make as many tests as possible the same day as other penthouse guests so that the technician is not coming back and forth to the resort as much.  We recommend setting up your test dates for 2 days prior to departure.  This way you get your results a couple of days prior and your results a day before departure.  Remember, the tests must be taken 72 hours before departure or less.  This is why we recommend taking the test 2 days prior so that you don't end up taking the test more than 72 hours before departure.

Best regards,

Tim Miller

UPDATE: FEB 2, 2021

Guests can now conveniently sign up for the in home covid tests via this link my wife created:

Please note:  This link is for GUESTS ONLY.  If you do not have a booking with us, you cannot be tested through us.  Thank you for understanding.  These tests are provided at our raw cost and as a special courtesy for our guests only.  

Thanks Megan!  Great job helping our guests and Tim's Ocean Condos through a challenging time so our guests can enjoy their stay with as little disruption to their vacation as possible.

Tim Miller

Is Cancun open?

Cancun has been open since June 1, 2020.  Most resorts in Cancun opened June 1, including our resort.  

What will be open?

Our beach was open on June 1, our pool, our gym, our spa, and 2 of the 4 restaurants.  The other restaurants will open as occupancy increases.


Are non-resort restaurants open?  All the Cancun restaurants have reopened.


Do we need to wear a mask?  For restaurants and public areas that are inside, yes.  For outside areas, no.


What airlines are flying to Cancun?  By now, all should have resumed service to Cancun.  American has been flying there since before the June 1 opening.  Many airlines resumed service in June, and many more in July.  By now, all airlines that were flying to Cancun in the past are likely flying to Cancun again.  As of the Jan 15, 2021 update, we are at full capacity of the condo units.


Someone told me the border with Mexico was closed until just recently, is that true?  No, that reference is to land border crossings.  You have been able to come to Cancun for vacation since June 1.  The US non essential travel ban was lifted May 21 and Cancun reopened June 1.


I heard Cancun beaches are closed, is this true?  Only public beaches were closed in the beginning.  The private beaches (resort beaches) have been open since June 1 and about 45 days after that the public beaches also reopened.

Are special precautions taken?

Yes.  Social distancing will be practiced, masks will be worn by workers, and spaces will be cleaned constantly with antiseptic cleaners. 

What precautions are being taken if I book a condo on this web site?

Between each booking, all surfaces is being wiped down with antibacterial spray inclusive of the floors.  Moreover, we also use an airborn spray like the airlines use to kill airborn bacteria and viruses which is a procedure very few in the vacation rental business are familiar with.  All of our staff wear masks at all times and practice distancing measures.

Is it true that corona virus is less harmful outside or in sunshine?

It's not less harmful, but it is true that spreading any airborn disease is less likely outside than inside simply because of the presence of wind and sunshine.  Even mild wind is a tremendous advantage over stagnant inside air for disease transmission.  Also, it is true that if the virus is sitting on an object it will die many times faster when exposed to sunlight.  

Is it safe to travel internationally?

Check with your official government web sites for travel restrictions that may be in place.  For USA travelers, the travel ban for non-essential travel to Mexico ended on May 21 and has remained open ever since.  

Are the resorts in Cancun taking additional precautions?

Yes, the resorts in Cancun are required to pass tests set forth by the government of the state of Quintana Roo before opening.  Additionally, they will be practicing social distancing, cleaning all surfaces with special cleaners, and workers will be wearing masks.

Are the theme parks re-opening?
Yes, Xcaret, Xel ha, Chitza Nitza, and all of Cancun's attractions reopened June 8, 2021.

Is there be wave runner rentals?
Yes, they are there now.

Is there be parasailing?  

Yes, they are there now.

What are the waver runner places and parasailing places be doing to protect guests from covid 19 transmissions?

They thoroughly clean all surfaces with antibacterial cleaners between each new rider.

Can two people still go parasailing at once?

Yes, as long as you are part of the same group that came to Cancun.

Is there anything NOT open in Cancun?  Yes, some of the big night clubs have not reopened, and the ones that have must maintain capacity limits as set forth by the Mexican government.  These continue to change as the virus is on its way out.  In Mexico capacities for restaurants, bars, etc. have continued to increase since early September and there has been no indication of any adverse affects as the capacity continues to grow for restaurants, hotels, etc.