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Rates are based on 10 people or less.  Please add $75 per night per additional guest over 10 people regardless of age.  For your own comfort, more than 10 is not recommended.  12 is the absolute max allowed, regardless of age.  Below are the rates shown for the various times of year.  To arrive at a complete total simply add the one time cleaning/laundering/processing fee of $195 to ANY stay.  To view rates and get an exact price for any stay and also to BOOK ONLINE simply click on the calendar date you want to arrive and depart, fill out how many people and the total will pop up immediately.  From there you can book online if you like.

PLEASE ALSO READ..Other Important Rate Info....

Penthouse #3701 2019 Rates

Nightly Rates: Mon-Thurs











Nightly Rates: Fri, Sat, Sun











Weekly Rates













7 night minimum stay

Date Range

Jan 5-Jan 17

Jan 22-Feb 6

Feb 7-March 9

March 10-April 28

April 29-May 19

May 20-June 16

June 17-Aug 22

Aug 23-Sept 9

Sept 10-Oct 31

Nov 1-Dec 17

Christmas Week

New Years Week

5 night minimum stay

4 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

3 night minimum stay

7 night minimum stay

3 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

4 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

4 night minimum stay

Click on your arrival date, then departure date, and number of adults and children.  Then you will see your total price.

Penthouse #3701 Availability 

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Book Online Calendar

Other important rate info...

1.  Get a total fast:  Another way to get a total VERY quickly is using the calendar to the right.  Click on the arrow on the calendar to get to the month you want.  Then click on your arrival date and enter the number of nights you will be staying and how many people.  It will instantly give you a total. 

2.  Minimum night stay:  Please note that that that the minimum number of nights is 5 except Sept 10-Oct 31 which is 3 and Christmas and New Years week which is 7.  There are only 2 other exceptions to this.  One is if you book nights between bookings and there is a gap of 4 nights or less than that booking will be accepted.  2nd would be if there is availability last minute you can email to ask about staying less than the minimum number of nights and it may be accepted, depending on how close it is to arrival time.

3.  You make your reservation using the calendar to the right of the rates.  To do that click the arrow to the month you want to arrive.  Click the date you want to arrive.  Choose the number of nights and insert the number of people.  Then click Book Now.  Or if you prefer to call my number is 847-636-2232.

4.  The down payment required to secure your booking is 20% of the total.  The balance is due 60 days prior to arrival (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years bookings) and that will be charged automatically to the same card on file unless you email me in advance to let me know you want to use a different card when the time comes.

5.  If it is less than 60 days until arrival when you book then the full balance is charged.  If you need some flexibility because you are also purchasing flights, please email me (Tim Miller) at  and we can do 20% down and the balance a week after booking.

6.  For payment, visa, master or discover card are accepted.  Amex is not accepted.

7.  There is a separate and fully refundable security/damage deposit of $300 that is also due 60 days prior to arrival.  This is processed back to your card 7 days after your departure, subject to returning all the keys, towels, and no damage of course.

8. If your dates fall between date ranges the booking is prorated accordingly.

9.  You must be 27 years old to book.  If you are not 27 you can email Tim Miller to ask for an exception at

10.  For Thanksgiving bookings the balances are charged 90 days prior to arrival.  For Christmas and New Years there is a payment schedule as follows:  20% due before 6 months prior.  Additional 20% due 6 months prior to arrival, 20% due 5 months prior, and 20% due 4 months prior.  Balance due 90 days prior to arrival.

11.  More than 10 guests is not comfortable and is not recommended.  I know sometimes guests really need to sleep 11 or 12 to make things work for their vacation.  But please know this is strongly not recommended.  I can tell you from much experience that guests are not happy when their comfort factor suffers.  I urge you to really consider this before making your decision to have more than 10 people.

12.  When you arrive to the resort my manager is there to welcome you and show you around.  For this reason, please email me your flight info so that we have an idea of your approximate arrival time to the resort. 


1.  Do we receive some sort of acknowledgement or confirmation after we book?

Yes, you receive an acknowledgement immediately.  That is followed by a much more detailed and comprehensive confirmation that has everything you need on it plus much additional helpful information.

3.  Do we need to rent a car in Cancun?

No, in Cancun the buses run 24/7 and you can go anywhere in the whole hotel zone for .20 cents a person.  The wait time is never long and the bus stops right out in front of the resort.  Or if you prefer, cabs are always at the ready.

3.  Do you recommend a transfer company?  Yes, this info is detailed on your confirmation.  The link is:

You'll find the rates are the best in Cancun plus their service has always been strong.  I also worked a deal with this company to give our guests the option to take you to the grocery store straight from the airport.  This info is in the next one down.

4.  Are there any grocery stores in Cancun?

There are NO grocery stores in the Cancun hotel zone, only convenience stores.  Therefore it will really save you a lot to hit the grocery store early on in your stay.  When you book your transfers you can check a box that says something like "add the grocery store run".  This will add $30 to the cost of the transfer.  For that they will take your whole group to the grocery store directly from the airport, then wait an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  It will save you a lot of money and probably about 80%+ of our guests add this to their transfer.

5.  What is I really want to rent a car, do is there parking?  I cannot guarantee that.  We have a small lot and when its full its full.  It is free, but I cannot guarantee you will find a space.

6.  How can you sleep up to 12 people?  

We keep air beds in the condo and linens for same.  But I do caution you to really consider your comfort.  It is not comfortable when you have that many people in a 4br condo.

7.  How do I get the keys once I arrive?  

My manager is there to welcome you when you arrive to Cancun.  This is why we ask for your flight info so that Francis (my manager for #3701) can plan her day around your anticipated approximate arrival time to the resort.  

More FAQ's for penthouse #3701...

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