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Child Care

Child care is available right in the condo.  I take this service very seriously as I am a parent of two boys.  I understand it is hard being in a foreign country and trusting someone you have never met with your child.  I can assure you the people that would be watching over your children are part of our extended family in Cancun.  These are family members of Abdiel or Francis, my managers in Cancun.  Abdiel has been with me since 2014 and Francis since 2010.  They are wonderful people.  We know sometimes the adults want to be able to break away for some adult time which is why we offer this service to our guests.  If you would like to schedule this service, its an in house service.  

2 years and up pricing: 

1 child: $8 per hour

2 children: $11 per hour

3 children: $13 per hour

Infants up to 2 years:

1 child: $10 per hour

2 children: $15 per hour

If you have a mix of children under 2 and over 2, or if you have more kids than what is shown, please call me to talk about your needs and I will give you a fair price.  Best, Tim Miller.  847-636-2232

How do I book this?  On the Book House Services Page.


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