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This system will not show you a total, nor does it charge your card anything when you submit the form.  It's designed to keep your info safe and allow you to book multiple units at the same time without having to book them one at a time.  We have a lot of requests for booking multiple units since several of these penthouse units are right next to each other on the same floor which is ideal for family reunions and the like.
View WHERE each condo is located within the resort

If you would like to know the total prior to booking, you can either call Tim at 847-636-2232, or you can do the following for each unit to get your total:
1. Hover over the "vacation rentals" tab at the top of the page.  In the drop down box click on the unit you want the price on.
2. Click on "Rates & Availability".  Arrow to the month you want.  Click on arrival date, then click on departure date, then click on the arrow and enter the number of people.
3.  The price will then be shown.  Repeat the process for each unit.  Add up the totals for each unit and that will be your total when you book several units at once here. 
Amount of the charge will be 20% of the total unless your arrival date is less than 60 days away, in which case the total amount will be charged.  Please note that Christmas and New Years bookings are due in full 4 months prior to arrival.  You will receive an acknowledgement immediately after booking.  You can expect an email with your receipt and your welcome packet attachment within a business day of booking.  


Tim Miller


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