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Penthouse #3704

Please forward this important link:
to everyone in your group.  Thank you.

Do you want a beautifully smooth check in process? 

Would you like great responsiveness before and during your stay?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.  If you haven't already done so please email the names and ages of each person in your group.  If you booked directly through our own website, we will already have this information.  Our own websites are: and If you booked through any other source, we will not have your guest list until you email it to us.  Thank you.

2.  Please email your flight information.  This way we have an idea of when you will be arriving.

3.  If you need anything before or after your stay, please use the email thread that has your unit number and arrival and departure dates in the subject box.  And this next part is very important: Please always hit "reply all" to this email.  I cannot tell you how many times guests arrive at the resort and my manager does not know they are there because he was not included in the email.  Thank you.

Notes: When you use this email thread, our entire team can always know who we are talking to because of the subject box.  And we can all take part in serving you.  Please note that you are welcome to call Tim with questions, etc. before your check in date: 847-636-2232.  But after that, using the email thread and always hitting "reply all" allows us to serve you much better and also everyone on our team can see what is going on should you need something. 

Check in day:  Please email the group once when you have landed in Cancun, and then once more when you have arrived at the resort.  This will help the check in process go much smoother.

If you are flying into Cancun the day of check in, you can skip this paragraph.  If you are staying somewhere else near Cancun and you plan to move from that hotel to our resort for check in day, the following is VERY IMPORTANT:  It is very important that you arrive to the resort for check in before 5pm.  We have had much trouble with folks moving from one hotel to our resort and not arriving until very late because they have scheduled activities, dinners and so on for check in day.  Thank you for your understanding.

Do I need to rent a car?

Not at all necessary.  Buses are always on the move up and down the strip and you can go anywhere in the hotel zone for .25 cents a person.  Cabs are also at the ready if you prefer.  

Please be sure to book your airport transfer.  I have been recommending USA transfers to our guests for years and the feedback has been very good.  The link to book is:

The round trip cost for a private shuttle should be $80 or less for up to 10 people.

This is a very popular service. When you go to book your airport transfer you can check a box to add the grocery store run. The additional cost is $35. For this, they will take you from the airport to the grocery store and then to the resort. I highly recommend you put in the notes “Superama Cumbres”. If you do not do this USA transfers will take you to a nearby grocery store in the hotel zone. The prices are higher here
and the selection is less. Superama Cubres will take a little extra time, but you’ll save about 20% on groceries. YES, they do sell beer, wine and spirits at Superama Cumbres.

View the google map of airport to our resort.

Resort info


Abdiel and Paola 300.png
Abdiel and Paola are my managers in Cancun.  Abdiel or Paola will be there at the resort to welcome you and get you checked in.  Please remember to email the group once after you have arrived to Cancun, and once more when you have arrived at the resort.  Abdiel and Paola are there every day but Sunday.  They come in Sunday only if there is a check in on that day, or an emergency.  Thank you.

Check in time is 4pm.  Check out time is 11am.  If you arrive before check in time, we can store your luggage and you are welcome to enjoy the resort pool and beach until check in time.

Abdiel and Paola are my managers in Cancun.  Abdiel or Paola will be there at the resort to welcome you and get you checked in.  Please remember to email the group once after you have arrived to Cancun, and once more when you have arrived at the resort.  Abdiel and Paola are there every day but Sunday.  They come in Sunday only if there is a check in on that day, or an emergency.  Thank you.

Check in time is 4pm.  Check out time is 11am.  If you arrive before check in time, we can store your luggage and you are welcome to enjoy the resort pool and beach until check in time.

Check out process: An email will go out to you a couple of days before your departure with details.  Please leave the keys on the kitchen counter.  Thank you.

NO VISITORS: (To the vast majority of our wonderful and reasonable guests, sorry this wording has to be so firm).

Travel Insurance:
I HIGHLY recommend you purchase travel insurance. These are volatile times. Why risk your vacation? You can purchase travel insurance in one of two ways. One covers you for “any reason” which runs 7% of the total. The other covers most circumstances but not covid related issues. This one runs 3% of the total.  You can purchase this type of insurance for your flights, your stay, or both. Obviously if your airline flights are changeable without cost, or minimal cost, then skip the travel insurance on flights. But you can cover both if needed. And many times these days it is expensive to change flights.  You can easily purchase the travel insurance here:

Cancellation Policy:

First time to Cancun? Here are some tips for you….

Is Cancun safe? Yes, check out this helpful link.

Remember to use the cooler in the condo for the beach or pool:
When our family goes down to Cancun, we always take the cooler to the pool or beach if we know we are going to be hanging out there for a while. These are allowed at our resort which is really nice. One will be inside the condo for you.

In home cooking:
This is a very popular service. It is offered at our raw cost, no mark up on the food either. The cost for the service is $80 for up to 8 people and $8 per person beyond 8 people. It is authentic Mexican food. Please note that our cooks are not “professional chefs”. They just make great Mexican meals. Here is the page link which will tell you a bit about the service and give you the page links for the menu and for booking it:

We supply:
Garbage bags
Hand soap
Dish soap
Enough toilet paper to get you started (3 rolls per bathroom)
Cooking oil
Salt and pepper

The condo comes cleaned and ready to go. If you would like to purchase additional cleaning cycles here the link for that information:

For supplies on hand for cleaning you should find in the condo:
Dust pan
All purpose cleaner spray, sponge and and kitchen towel.

Special additional cleaning for covid:
Before you arrive, everything has been sanitized per Mexican regulations regarding covid 19 including
spraying down the entire unit as the airlines do.


Our resort, Oleo Cancun Playa: 011-52-998-287-2181
Our resort is an all inclusive resort. This means that IF you were to book a regular hotel room you would have all inclusive whether you wanted it or not, because it is built into the price. If you would like to have the all inclusive, you can. It is optional each day you are there. The cost is $90 per person per day, and kids 12 and under are ½ off. It includes all the food and drinks you want from from the time the first restaurant opens until the last bar closes. Alcoholic drink service starts at 11am by the pool bar. Our resort has 4 restaurants including a sushi restaurant and a snack bar by the pool. If you are not on the all inclusive you cannot be served at the resort bars or restaurants. There are no cash registers, they are not
set up for single purchases. You purchase the all inclusive at the lobby front desk, they take visa, mastercard or cash. You MUST turn in your band the next morning or they will automatically charge your card again for another day assuming you decided you wanted to have another day on the all inclusive. You have access to the resort pool, beach, lounge chairs, umbrellas , shade tents, gym, and tennis court regardless of if you are on the all inclusive or not. The cost fort using the spa is $15 unless you are paying for a massage, then the $15 is waved. Please note that all prices are controlled by the resort and as such are subject to change without notice.
Pool hours: 7am-9pm
Spa hours: 8am-10pm
Gym hours: 6am-10pm
On site Coffee shop (Brown Bag) 6am-10pm 


SHOWING RESPECT: YOUNG ADULTS, PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THIS…..This section is not for most but it does apply to some groups. There is no tolerance for disrespectful behavior including loud coarse language, public groping and the like, public drunkenness and other
disrespectful behaviors. If I get a complaint from resort management you will be given a warning via a phone call directly from me. If I am not able to reach you by phone I will email you. This is the one and only warning you will receive and I can assure you I will already be VERY pissed off if I have to call you about a complaint from resort staff or other guests. If I get a 2nd complaint you are out, no refund PERIOD. You will be escorted out by the Federales (police). Showing belligerent disrespect to others is ridiculous behavior and will NOT BE TOLERATED.  On the subject of respect: Regarding partying out on the big terraces you MUST tone it down after 10pm. I get this complaint even from middle aged adults sometimes. Your neighbors may be getting up very early to go on an excursion or possibly they have a child or infant. They can hear loud partying
through their windows which are not far away. Its important that things are NOT all about you all the time. Be respectful of other people. If you want to be loud after hours, go down to the big night clubs and be as loud as you want. That’s why they are there and I provide a place to get outstanding discounts for the night clubs in this packet.

Recycling: Mexico started recycling a few years ago, thankfully. They do it differently than in the states, not sure about elsewhere. They break recycling down into categories. This is why there are several bins inside the condo. Please listen carefully on what recyclables go into which bin when my manager goes over the condo with you. Otherwise our managers have to wade through the trash
separating things. Thank you.

Linens and towels: All linens are provided, and the beds are made before you arrive. There should also be 5 large bath towels per full bathroom. Face towels are also provided. We do have a limited number of beach towels that we provide guests. There should be 8 in the 4br condos.


For families with babies: The condo comes equipped with a packnplay, stroller and highchair. If you need more than one of any of these items, please email Tim well in advance of your stay.

Condo capacity: No more than 8 are allowed to stay in #3704.  Thank you.because I feel its important to think through. You can have up to 12 people stay in this unit. 

Tropical storms: Please never ever leave the windows open if you leave the condo. Even if you are in the condo you don’t want to do that unless you want the AC to fail. But just as important, if you plan on leaving the condo please remember to take in the cushions from the outside furniture. Same if you are going to sleep for the night, please bring those cushions in first. Why? Because tropical storms with high winds can come out of nowhere in the tropics. And if a cushion flies off that terrace, you are responsible for that. And I sure don’t want to have to charge my guest for a custom made cushion. And I know my guest doesn’t want to pay for one or more cushions. So please, be respectful. Thank you.

Tropical weather and bugs: We have an exterminator in each month for bugs for all our units. In the tropics bugs will come out of nowhere if you leave any food out. Do not leave open food containers or wrappers out or small bugs will come out. If you keep things in the fridge and properly disposed of after use, you will be fine.  


Hair Dryers: There should be 1 hair dryer per shower. If not please let me know. Sometimes they are
kept in the dressers so please look there first.  


WIFI: Wifi is in the condo and is typically located in the kitchen. The password is shown on the router itself. Regardless of the location, my manager will give you the wifi password during check in.

Emergency phone number: In case of emergency in Mexico please dial the same number: 911

Tipping: If you opt to go on the all inclusive please remember that tips to bar tenders and servers are not included in the price. Please also kindly tip the bell hops. If you are happy with the service of our manager, please kindly also leave them a tip at the end of your stay. Thank you.

The culture factor of Mexico: My manager is empowered to repair or replace anything in the condo without having my authorization up to $500. I want to always have the unit details looking good and if something looks old or tired I ask my managers to replace it, period. However the culture in Mexico is to not replace something until it is totally dead. If something looks old or tired please do let me know. It will be
replaced right away. I don’t care if it is a small appliance, pot, pan or whatever it may be, I will take care of it. Please know that. It’s just an email away.

Outlets: You do not need to bring any converters, you can use outlets just like you would in the states.  If you go out to the pool or beach, PLEASE SHOWER before you sit on the furniture. Sunscreen and sand are very hard on furniture. Please be courteous and respectful.

Laundry: There is a washer and dryer inside the condo. Please remember to purchase laundry detergent.

Music: We used to keep music players in the condos but everything has gone digital and blue tooth. Please bring a blue tooth speaker. We tried to keep them in the unit but they have not lasted and things are changing very rapidly with music tech.

Hot water takes a few minutes to get to these penthouse units. It is coming all the way from the ground floor. Please be patient for the hot water to start coming through the faucet.

Garbage: My manager will explain when garbage is picked up and where to place your garbage and recyclables.

Commentary: I sincerely hope to hear from you after your stay. Regardless of how good our service is, we can always do better somehow. I welcome to hear every detail. We are striving to be the very best in the business. We are a very small company running only 7 condos in Cancun. But small can be good too, because we can focus more on each family or friend group that we have coming.

Reviews: If you are happy with our service please provide us with a 5 star review. Believe it or not, 4 stars is a bad review. The only thing that registers is 5 stars. As an example, we are striving for “super host” status on airbnb. One of the requirements is a 4.8 star average. This is not per unit, its an overall average, very difficult to attain. If you do the math, we can’t afford a 4 star review. If there is something you were not happy with I would much rather hear it either on the phone personally, or via email to me personally rather than in a review. Please know that we are striving to do our very best at all times for our you and all our guests.

Previous guests factor: Sometimes we have had guests back to back for weeks in a row. In such cases not every pot, pan, utensil, etc. is observed by my manager. In such cases there may be a pot or pan left on a burner too long, a melted utensil, or other detail issue. If you notice this, please email and we will purchase the new item promptly.

Cell phone expectations in Mexico: Once you arrive in Mexico, your phone is supposed to recalibrate in a few hours so that you only need to dial the 10 digit number in Mexico. My experience has been that I’m better off dialing all the numbers. So if you are not able to get through dialing 10 numbers, then add to the front of the 10 numbers: 011-52 This is the country and state code.  Most cell phone providers have very reasonable plans for Mexico and Canada these days.  If you are not sure what your plan allows, I would strongly suggest you call your provider before you
head to Cancun. If you are not on a Mexico/Canada plan of some kind, they can often times put you on a short term plan for however long you are gone that will save you a lot of money.

Sunscreen: All of the water parks and all the beaches require biodegradable sunscreen. It's unlikely they will be checking your sunscreen by the pool or beach, but it is the law. If you go to a water park they will absolutely require it. And they will make you buy it from them if you do not have it. And it will be expensive. I recommend buying it in advance. Amazon has it in or out of season. Walmart and other stores carry it in season. Also, if you are fair skinned DO wear sunscreen. You will regret it if you do not.  The temperature may be 80-90 degrees, but the sun strength is much different down here and if you are light skinned like me you will burn very quickly.

Budget restaurant worth mentioning: If you want some great Mexican food at a great price check out Las Brisas. My manager can tell you exactly where it is at. Its approximately 3 miles North of our resort. Even if your appetite is very big, you will be full for $10, ½ that for a normal appetite. They are only open for lunch, and this is where all the locals go. It looks like a small dive from the outside, but the food is great and very reasonable. There are others I could give you that are in El Centro, but they require driving a ways and this one is right in the zone.

Break something? Please let us know. If it is minor we will let it go. But we would appreciate knowing.
Thank you.

The Spa is for relaxation. No loud talk is permitted in the spa or around the pool inside the spa. Also the cooler in the condo is NOT permitted in the spa. Thank you. The cost for the spa is $15 per person per day. If you purchase a massage they waive the fee.

Iron: There is an iron and ironing board inside the condo.

Safe: There is a safe for valuables inside the condo.

Small Appliances: There is a toaster, microwave, blender and coffee maker inside the condo.  Kitchenware: There are pots, pans, utensils, silverware, bowls, plates, glassware, etc. inside the kitchen of the condo.

What is nearby? Navios and Restaurant by Joe (also known as 19.5) are located directly across the street. Navios is an amazing restaurant. When you dine, you are surrounded by water, a wonderful experience. The food is excellent. It is exceptionally romantic at night and people come from miles around to come to Navios. Many of our guests have proposed at this location because of its romantic feel, especially at night the way they do their lighting. I recommend going a few minutes before sunset to catch the gorgeous sunset over the bay.  Restaurant by Joe is also located directly across the street from the resort. The owner’s name is Joe, imagine that? If Joe is around, let them know you are renting one of the penthouses from Tim
Miller and he will probably be giving you a discount. Joe’s place is very casual, reasonably priced, and the food is really good. They also serve drinks and the restaurant has a great view of the bay. This is normally “my hangout” after hours in Cancun.

Oxxo convenience store is also right across the street. Now the resort has a convenience store as well.  However if you plan on getting a few items it may be worth a stroll across the street. They have a much wider selection than the resort store. They also sell alcoholic drinks and they have a small electronics area for things like ear buds or scandisc cards for your camera. They also sell big bags of
ice if you have interest in taking that cooler in the condo out to the pool or beach.

For more photos and info of what's nearby and even drone video of the amazingnearby Navios restaurant:

Do I need to exchange money and get pesos? You should definitely exchange your money to get pesos. The reason is that if you do not, many smaller vendors are not going to give you a fair shake on the exchange rate. If there is an option to pay by credit card, I recommend doing that whenever you can. This way the credit card company converts the pesos to dollars and its always a good deal. Now you will pay a 3% international fee when you use a credit card. But that is nothing compared to not getting to not getting a fair exchange rate which can cost you more like 10%-15%. I do not recommend exchanging dollars for pesos BEFORE you leave for Cancun. At least in the states, they do not give you a
good deal at all. I recommend you ask my manager where to go for the best rate, or at least a fair rate because these locations change frequently. They will be nearby. Whatever you do, do NOT exchange dollars for pesos at the airport, terrible rate. The resort offers to exchange, but their rate is not good.  Again, please ask my manager and they will help you out.

Easy Access activities:
On the beach side where our resort is located, you can typically find wave runner rentals and parasailing a short walk down the beach. Sometimes it is right out front, right out on our beach, depends on where they are operating that day, but it's generally not far.

To view all my picks for Cancun activities, excursions and tours:

Snorkeling with Mike is often the highlight of the vacation for our guests. You can often see this in reviews. Snorkeling with Mike is very non-corporate and casual, and completely private to your group.  The trip includes snorkeling along the protected waters of Isla Mujeres, another snorkeling area where it is very shallow for hundreds of yards with soft sand and many colorful fish, and a trip to Isla Mujeres.  When you get off on Isla Mujeres, lunch is included in this trip. Also included is a golf cart rental where you family can tour this island. It takes about an hour to circle around the perimeter of the island. It's very safe and no motorized vehicles are allowed on this island. Mike has much to do with why this trip
is so much fun, he is a great guy! And he is very flexible. For example, if you would like to ask Mike to just stop and go for a swim, go for it. You can see the bottom of the bay even when its around 30-40 ft down, just amazingly clear and warm waters. Tour goes 5-6 hours. Pick up from the resort and drop off back to the resort is included. I highly recommend this. Cost is $65 per person. If you have 6 people or less the cost is a flat $390. Payment is cash only the day of service. You book this online at:

Or for more info:

Cancun Night Clubs:
Cancun is known worldwide for its famous night clubs. And they are quite amazing. What is not well known is the cover charge to get into these places is around $40 and you have often have to wait in line for that “privilege”. After that the drinks are expensive and you often have to wait 10-15 minutes just to get a drink. The places are often times so packed that getting a seat is no option, not even close.  Fortunately, the tour operators now give tourists to Cancun a MUCH better way to experience the night clubs. The deal is so good, it qualifies as the proverbial “no brainer”. For $80 this is what you get. Free cover charge, all the drinks you want from 10pm to 3am, no waiting in line, and VIP seating. The site I recommend for purchasing this is If you want several options here is that link:

What do you recommend for activities in Cancun?
I get asked this question so often, that I developed a web page for our guests where I go over what I think are the best activities Cancun and the surrounding areas have to offer and why. And I made it so easy to navigate. Links are shown within each activity to book that activity online if you choose to do so.  You can also wait until you are in Cancun and in our resort we have a tour guide area where you can talk to a live person and book your tour/activity from there. Which way is better? The tour guide in person is typically about 10% higher than online because of more over head. Some people really like the personal touch and its worth the 10% to them. For others, a well done description and photos is enough for them
to feel comfortable with their decision. Up to you!

What do you recommend for restaurants in Cancun?
Yep, I did it for restaurants too…..


Have a great time!

Penthouse #3704 -

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we access the condo when we arrive?  My manager is there at the resort to welcome you, show you around, answer all your questions, and give you the keys.

Are their bell hops here?  Yes.

Is there security here?  Yes, 24/7 gated security with full security staff.


Can you smoke in the condo?  No.  However, smoking is permitted outside on the terrace.


Are Linens provided?  Yes, towels and linens are provided.


Is there a washer and dryer?  Yes, stack.


Is there an iron and ironing board?  Yes


Are there hair dryers?  Yes.


Are there safes for valuables?  Yes.


Are beach towels provided?  No.  If you want to purchase beach towels the most reasonable option is the Super Walmart.  If you opt for the all-inclusive option, the hotel will provide you with beach towels down by the pool.


Do we need a converter for the electrical plugs?



Is there a music player?

No, these days everyone uses their phone and a portable speaker.

Is there a DVD player?  



Is daily maid service included?  No.  In the vacation rental business, you can expect a clean, laundered unit upon your arrival.


Can we get additional cleaning days?  Yes.  

* Standard Service is $50:  General cleaning & making up the beds.

* Premium Service is $85:  Same as above plus newly laundered linens are put on when the beds are made up.


You book it.  To do so, hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered” then click on “Book In House Services”.


How do we pay for the cleaning if we want extra cleaning?  Please pay the service provider directly in cash.


What size bed is in the master?  King.


What size bed is in the second bedroom?  King.


The 3rd bedroom?  1 queen


The 4th bedroom?  1 queen


Which bedrooms have their own bathroom?  All 4 bedrooms have their own attached bathroom with shower in #3704.


Are linens provided?  Yes


Are beach towels provided?  No


Are bath towels provided?  Yes    


Is there any extra beds?  No.  The owner of #3704 does not want more than 8 people in the unit.  Therefore there are no extra beds.


Are there extra linens for these beds?  Yes.


Do you have anything for babies to sleep in?  Yes, there is a packnplay.  


Are linens provided for the packnplay?  No


Are there any supplies provided?  

The supplies provided are 3 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, hand soap, dish soap, garbage/recycle bags, cooking oil, sald and pepper.


Is there an oven, fridge, stove top, sink?  Yes to all.


Are there smaller appliances like a microwave, blender, toaster, coffee maker?  Yes to all.


What type of coffee maker filters do we need to get?

The standard drip type.


Are there pots, pans, utensils, strainer, big bowls, dishware, silverware, wine opener, bottle opener, knives, glassware?  Yes to all.


Is there pure water in the kitchen?  Not as of this moment.  The unit is brand new and we will have a pure water dispenser in the unit in the coming weeks.


Is there inter-net access from the condo?  Yes, wireless inter-net.


Is there a charge for this?  No, it is complimentary for our guests.


Can we drink water from the tap?  Not recommended.  


Can we make calls from the condo?  Yes, local calls.


How much do they cost?  Complimentary.


Is there a charge for calling the manager in Cancun?  No.


Do you recommend renting a car?  No.  Buses run 24/7 right outside the resort and the wait is never more than 5 minutes.  You can go anywhere in the hotel zone for just .65 cents per person.


Do you provide airport transfers?  No.


Do you recommend a transfer company from the airport?



Are they the best price you have found, and are they reliable?  Yes on both.


About what does it cost?  About $80 round trip for up to 10 people as of this writing.  If less than 8, it’s probably a little less.  If more than 10 another vehicle is required so the price goes up quite a bit for 11 or more.


Can we book online with the transfer company?  Yes


I read somewhere we get some sort of special promo code for the transfer company site after we book the condo, what’s that about?  

When you enter the promo code, it will save you $5 on the transfer off the posted pricing on their site.  This is for guests only per my agreement with Entertainment Plus.  You get the promo code on your confirmation after you book the condo


We were thinking of doing the snorkeling tour with Mike, and maybe the in home cook.  How do we book these services?

Hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered” then click on “Book In House Services”.


Where do I find these “In Home Special Services?”

Hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered”.


Do we have to know which days exactly we want the services to book them?  Yes.  It’s too difficult to keep a schedule on our end otherwise.  


When is the latest we can book the In House Special Services?  2 weeks prior to arrival.


What happens if we don’t book on time?  I may not be able to get you scheduled.  It’s best to book far in advance of the deadline.  The reason is the services are first come, first serve.  The longer you wait, the less your chances are of getting the service you want, or the date you want the service.  This is particularly true at the busier times of the year.  


Do we receive some sort of confirmation in this regard?  You’ll receive an acknowledgment via email within a few minutes.  Then the next business day you will receive your services-confirmation assuming your booking didn’t create a scheduling conflict with what we already have on the books.  Either way, you’ll hear from me, Tim Miller, via email the next business day.


Do we pay you for these services?  No, I don’t take payment for anything other than the condo rental.   The “In House Special Services” services are paid directly to my manager, or the service provider.  My manager will let you know. Please know that payments for the In House Special Services are cash only.  The only exception to this is if you opt to book the Walmart grocery run AND you opt to do so with the transfer company.


Can we book the In House Special Services over the phone?  Sorry, no.  There are a couple of reasons.  One is that no payment is required to book, so for those who are hesitant to book online for security reasons this is not an issue. Second, when you submit the online form, the information is automatically emailed to my managers in Cancun which saves time. Please remember that these services are provided for guests at cost (no markup).  Therefore keeping the system as efficient as possible is important.   


What if we need to change or cancel an In House Special Service, can we do that?  

Yes.  There is a cost of $1 to make a change or to cancel a service-reservation.  To change, add to, or cancel an existing service-reservation please fill out the online form.  The link is just to the right of the link for booking the services.  If the only change you are making is to add another service or another date or time to an existing service, you don’t have to pay the $1.


Does canceling a service reservation cost anything?  Yes, it costs $1.  


Can we book our condo rental online?  Yes, on any page on the site, upper right click on “Book Online”.


Can we call if we prefer?  Yes, you can call me, Tim Miller, directly at 847-636-2232


Do you have a preference on phoning in or booking online?  If it makes no difference to you, yes, I prefer the online method, it saves some time on my end.


Is the online method secure?  Yes, all info uses high grade encryption.  Plus the credit card portion of the info never travels over the web.  It’s contained in a secure server.


If we decide to rent a car is there parking?  

It's limited, a very small lot.  I cannot guarantee you could get a parking spot.  


Is there a charge to park?  No


Do you recommend a rental car company?

No, however below I’ll put an outstanding link below for helping you make an informed decision.  Great info here.


Do you recommend a rental car company?

Yes, please hover over “General Info” then in the drop down menu select “Airport Transfers or Rental Car”.

Or, here is a helpful link for rental cars:


Does this resort have its own restaurants?  Yes.  See RESORT INFO below.


Can you get all inclusive here?  

Yes, it is optional each day you are there.  You can choose the day(s) you want as your vacation unfolds. Basic all-inclusive info is below.  For expanded all-inclusive info please hover over the “Explore Condo rentals” tab located at the top of any page on the site and in the drop down menu click “All-Inclusive Option”.  


Does the condo have English speaking channels on the TV’s?  Yes.  The TV’s are hooked up to a satellite.  There are over 250 channels available.  Many are in English.


Is the kitchen a full kitchen?  Yes, there is a full size fridge, a cook top, microwave, pots, pans, dishware, silverware, utensils, etc.


First time to Cancun?  

A point of interest after you clear customs in Cancun:  There is the one point in time during your stay in Cancun where you could get frustrated.  This is the time right after you have cleared customs and you are on your way out of the airport to get to your transfer or rental car.  I will also address how to easily avoid this frustration. The frustration is that in all likelihood you will be approached by a few vendors acting as if they are your transfer company.  They may ask for your name and act as if they are your transfer company and tell you to follow them.  The solution to this is very simple.  I can assure you, no one ever approaches me anymore, even when I’m there with all the family.  And it can easily be the same way for you, even if it’s your first time to Cancun.  All you need to know are 3 simple steps:


Step #1:  Know where you are going:  After clearing customs, (where they scan your bags on the Cancun side at the airport) you will walk directly through a long set of glass doors and turn to the right.  Doesn’t matter what terminal, all are set up the same way.  You might notice others before you, all will turn to the right after going through the glass doors because there is only one way to go.  Once you start walking, the outside of the airport is maybe 100 yards, or about a football field away.  There are no turns along the way, it’s a straight walk and out you go.  After you exit to the outside of the airport keep walking straight for another 30 feet or so. Then stop and look up for your name.  The transfer company you booked is the only one that will be holding your name up.  Airport security keeps the vendors at a distance, so there is plenty of room after you get outside the airport to look around.  Then just go to your name and you are good to go.  If you are renting a car:  At the airport, on your left as you walk down the hall.  Off site: same plan as if you are taking a transfer.


Step #2:  Get situated:  Before you head out from customs, get all your bags in order and in a position to move them easily.  You don’t want to be fumbling around with your luggage along the way.  This makes you look like an amateur traveler and that’s what these high pressure people are looking for.


Step #3:  Walk with a purpose:  When you head out from customs walk as if you are in a hurry and you are there for a purpose, and like you have been there 100 times before.  The vendors know us types, they don’t stand a chance and they know it.  They don’t even bother.  Even if you can’t walk quickly, for whatever the reason may be; babies, young children or elderly parents, simply being organized and purposeful will do the trick.  They will key into this and leave you alone.


I spent some time on the above because I’m sure I take this for granted.  A guest recently returned telling me about his stay.  His email to me was terrific, among the most detailed I have ever received before.  One of his suggestions was to provide a level of expectation after getting through customs at the airport.


Message to all our guests:  I think the above information for “first timers” to Cancun above is a good example of how one person making the time to email me after their return can be of benefit to others.  I’m hopeful that if you decide to stay at one of the properties on the site, you too will take a little time to offer your commentary and suggestions. Nearly all improvements to the site, and improvements to the way we operate in general on the Cancun side, have been the result of valued guest feedback. I offer a heartfelt Thank You to all who have contributed.






Does the resort have a pool?  Yes.


It looks as though you can get service from a bar in the pool, is that right?  Yes, the pool has a swim up bar.


Is there resort security?  Yes, 24 hour security.  So if you happen to order a pizza as an example, you will be phoned by security when the driver arrives.  Upon your verification, the pizza driver is then escorted up to you by security.


Is the water at the resort safe?  Yes, all water used at the resort for cooking, washing vegetables and fruit, soda fountain dispensers, etc. is all clean water.


Should the water being clean be a concern if we go to other restaurants in the hotel zone?  

No, they all use clean water for washing fruits, vegetables, soda dispensers, cooking, etc.  The only precaution I would take in this regard is if you order a simple glass of water, order a bottled water, just to be on the safe side.  


I read somewhere that the AC system at the resort isn’t real good, what is your take on that?  

All of the Penthouses on the site here run on AC systems that are independent of the resort system.  All of these independent AC systems are newer technology and keep you plenty comfortable.  For those who would still like to know about the resort AC system anyway:  This information is from older reviews, prior to the total renovation of our resort in 2016 and 2017.  Now everything is brand new as of 2017.  And in the years to come it will be well maintained by our new resort operator, Oleo.

Where is the resort located?  At kilometer 19.5 in the Hotel Zone.  


How far is the resort from the airport?  

About 20 minutes.


Does the resort have a private beach?  



Does the resort have a jacuzzi?  

Yes.  It’s more like a small pool for children.  It’s not kept very warm.


How many restaurants does the resort have?  

2 plus a snack bar down by the pool area.


How many bars are there?  

1 by the lobby, 1 swim up bar in the pool.


Is there a convenience store?  



What do they offer?  Soda, snacks, cigarettes, souvenirs, hygiene supplies, batteries, miscellaneous items.


Is there a spa?  

Yes, brand new as of January 2018.


Is there a gym?  

Yes, brand new as of January 2018.


Are there beach chairs out on the beach?  

Yes, loungers.


Are there umbrellas out on the beach?  



Can we sign up for tours and activities from the resort?  Yes, there is an activity center near the main lobby and you can sign up for just about any activity you can imagine.


Do you recommend booking the tours/activities you recommend or setting them up at the resort after we get there?  

Unless you’re looking to go parasailing or rent a wave runner, it’s going to cost a little less to book it online in advance. However, booking online requires payment in full for some I recommend, others are 25% down.  If you can afford to book in advance base on whom I recommend to book through for the tour you like, you’ll typically come out ahead.




Can you get drink service by the pool or down by the beach?  

Ask at the front desk if you’re considering paying for the all-inclusive for that day.  Some days they have drink service by the pool and beach, other days they don’t.  Much depends on the time of year and the capacity of the resort at the time you are there.  When I go down with my family, one thing we always do, even if we are on the all-inclusive, is take the cooler that is on wheels down with us to the pool and beach.  One of these is in every condo.  I love these coolers. They work nicely as little side tables while you sunbathe.  I prefer staying by the pool, which is close to the service bar.  If you prefer the beach, you could always bring down several drinks at once and keep them in the cooler.


Can you get service from the bars and restaurants if you don’t sign up for the all-inclusive?  

No.  You can enjoy the bars, lounges, pool, beach, etc. without signing up for the all-inclusive, but you would need to bring your own drinks, food, etc.  No waiters can serve you without you having the all-inclusive.


What if we just want something to eat at the resort, but we don’t want the all-inclusive?  

You have to purchase the all inclusive to be able to get drinks from the bars or food from the restaurants.  They are not set up for individual orders.


How do we sign up for the all-inclusive?  

At the lobby front desk.  Visa, master or cash are accepted.


What are the costs for this?  

Price as of this writing is $90 per day per person, kids 12 and under are 1/2 off.  Please email or call me just to make sure there have been no recent changes.

When can you get food and drinks?

The first restaurant opens at 7am.  First alcoholic drinks are served at 11am by the pool.  Last bar closes at midnight.


Do we have to sign up for this in advance?  

No, that’s not an option.  You decide after you arrive to the resort. Remember too that each day the all-inclusive is optional.  I recommend purchasing the all-inclusive as your vacation unfolds.  You pay at the lobby front desk.  It’s best to purchase this in the morning before 9:30am so you can take advantage of breakfast which is served from 7-10am.


Is there more information on this?

Yes, for expanded all-inclusive info please hover over the “Explore Vacation Rentals” tab located at the top of any page on the site and in the drop down menu click “All-Inclusive Option”.  





To make a reservation, do we need to sign any contract or lease agreement?  No.  You can make your reservation any time by clicking on Book Online located to the far upper right of any page on this site.  Or you can click on one of the availability calendars and choose your dates there and book.  Or you can call me, Tim, at 847-636-2232.


How do we get the keys?  

From my manager in Cancun.  The info for my manager will be on your confirmation, including all the contact info.  My manager will make every effort to be at the resort upon your arrival to greet you and show you around the condo.  If he/she cannot be there for any reason, the keys will be at the lobby front desk in your name (the name on the e-confirmation/receipt you receive from me after you make a reservation).


What is your cancellation policy?  

For details on this topic please see the Cancellation Policy page (in the General Info drop down).  


​Warm regards and thanks for reading up on the details.  You would be surprised at how many do not.


Tim Miller

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Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Oxxo convenience store is located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa.

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