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2201-Main Area

2201 Living & Dining Room

2201-FAMILYROOM (1 of 1)

2201 Family Room


2201 Dining Room

2201-KITCHEN (1 of 1)

2201 - Kitchen

2201-DR-KITCHEN (1 of 1)

2201 Dining room

2201-FAMILYROOM-2 (1 of 1)

2201- Family Room


2201 Family Room


Bedroom 1 with ocean and bay view and private bathroom

2201-BR1-2 (1 of 1)

Bedroom 1 with ocean and bay view and private bathroom


Bedroom 1 attached bathroom


Bedroom 2 with ocean view and private bathroom

2201-BR2-BATH (1 of 1)

Bedroom 2 attached bathroom

2201-BR2-BATH-2 (1 of 1)

Bedroom 2 attached bathroom


Bedroom 3 with ocean view and attached bathroom


Bedroom 3 with ocean view and attached bathroom

2201-BR3-BATH (1 of 1)

Bedroom 3 attached bathroom


Bedroom 4 with ocean view and attached bathroom


Bedroom 4 attached bathroom


Bedroom 5 with attached bathroom

2201-BR1-BATH (1 of 1)

Bedroom 5 attached bathroom

2201-BATH-6 (1 of 1)

Additional bathroom with shower


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa

DSC_0838 (2)

Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa

2201 - Rates

#2201 -Property Description & FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Oleo Cancun Playa is located on the quiet Southern end of the famed Cancun Hotel Zone at kilometer 19.5.   The resort is comprised of 3 towers, each are 8 stories high.  Our condo association name is Yalmakan.


#2201 is located in the center tower of Oleo Cancun Playa resort.  It is located on the 2nd floor and faces the ocean. This unit comprises the entire Eastern side (ocean side) of 2nd floor of the resort.  It has 5 bedrooms.  And what makes this unit especially comfortable for larger families is that every bedroom has it's own attached bathroom.  There is even one additional bathroom but it's more than just a powder room, even the hall bath has a shower.  This unit was completely remodeled recently, the photos were taken in July of 2021.


For those who don’t know, Cancun (the hotel zone) is a narrow strip of land that is surrounded by water.  The Caribbean is on one side, the fresh water bay is on the other.  This “strip of land” is known as the Cancun Hotel Zone.  You can enter this zone from either the North or South side. Most of this zone runs parallel to the mainland (about 6 miles).  Almost all visitors enter the zone from the South as they come in from the airport.  


When you walk in the front door of #2201 you have the kitchen to your right and the ocean straight away.  Walk forward towards he ocean and you have the center part of the unit which is comprised of the family room with sectional, large table with seating for 10, another smaller table and chairs, and of course the kitchen and kitchen breakfast bar.  The unit has a South wing of bedrooms and a North wing of bedrooms.  


The resort is situated on a narrow strip of land on the Caribbean side, directly on the beach.   Lounge Chairs and umbrellas are provided.  You do not have to take the all inclusive option to enjoy the resort facilities, with the exception of being served at the resort restaurants and bars.  For more information on the all inclusive daily option, please click on All-Inclusive Option.

#2201 -

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the unit?  241 square meters or 2,594 square feet.


Can you smoke in the condo?  



Are Linens provided?  

Yes, towels and linens are provided.


Is there a washer and dryer?  

Yes, a stack washer and dryer.


Is there an iron and ironing board?  



Are there hair dryers?  



Do we need a converter for the electrical plugs?



Is there a DVD player?  



Are there safes for valuables?  



Are beach towels provided?  

We provide 10 beach towels in this unit.


Is daily maid service included?  

No.  In the vacation rental business, you can expect a clean, laundered

unit upon your arrival.


Can we get additional cleaning days?  


* Standard Service is $50:  General cleaning & making up the beds.

* Premium Service is $85:  Same as above plus newly laundered linens are put on when the beds are made up.


How do we request the additional cleaning?  

You book it.  You book it.  To do so, hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered” then click on “Book In House Services”.


How do we pay for the cleaning?  

Please pay the service provider directly in cash.


How do we request the additional cleaning?  

You book it.  To do so, click on “Tim’s Picks & Tips” then click on “Proceed to Bookings System for In House Special Services”.


What size beds are in the bedrooms?  

Currently as of July 6, 2021:

Bedroom 1: Queen

Bedroom 2: King

Bedroom 3: King

Bedroom 4: 2 Queens

Bedroom 5: Queen

Note:  The bedrooms with individual queen beds are being changed to king beds.  Please email Tim to ask about the latest update at


Which bedrooms have their own bathroom?  

All 5 bedrooms have their own private bathrooms.


Is there any terrace in this unit?  No


Are linens provided?  Yes


Are bath towels provided?  Yes, there should be 5 in each bathroom.    


Is there any extra beds?  Yes.  1 queen inflatable bed with electric motor?


Are there extra linens for theis beds?  Yes.


Do you have anything for babies to sleep in?  Yes, there is a packnplay.  


Are linens provided for the packnplay?  No


Are there any supplies provided such as toilet paper, paper towels, spices, salt, pepper?  No  supplies are provided other than 3 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, hand soap at the sinks, garbage bags, cooking oil, salt and pepper.


Is there an oven, fridge, stove top, sink?  Yes to all.


Is there a dishwasher?  Yes.


Are there smaller appliances like a microwave, blender, toaster, coffee maker?  Yes to all.


What type of coffee maker filters do we need to get?

The standard drip type.


Are there pots, pans, utensils, strainer, big bowls, dishware, silverware, wine opener, bottle opener, knives, glassware?  Yes to all.


Is there pure water in the kitchen?  We provide drinking water, 5 gallon water dispenser, like Hinckley and Schmidt.  If you are going to run out just let us know and we will bring ou more.


Is there inter-net access from the condo?  

Yes, wireless inter-net.


Is there a charge for this?  

No, it is complimentary for our guests.


Can we drink water from the tap?  

Not recommended.  But you don’t have to.  Penthouse #2701 has a reverse osmosis system for pure drinking water.


Does the fridge have an ice-maker?  



Does this resort have its own restaurants?  

Yes.  See RESORT INFO below.


Can you get all inclusive here?  

Yes, it is optional.  The All Inclusive info is below.  


Does the condo have English speaking channels on the TV’s?  

Yes.  The TV’s are hooked up to a satellite.  There are several channels, several in English.


Is the kitchen a full kitchen?  

Yes, there is a full size fridge, a cook top, microwave, oven, pots, pans, dishware, silverware, utensils, etc.


Do you recommend renting a car?  

No.  Buses run 24/7 right outside the resort and the wait is never more than 5 minutes.  You can go anywhere in the hotel zone for just .65 cents per person.


Do you provide airport transfers?  No.


Do you recommend a transfer company from the airport?



Are they the best price you have found, and are they reliable?  

Yes on both.


About what does it cost?  

About $80 round trip for up to 10 people as of this writing.  If less than 8, it’s a little less.  If more than 10 another vehicle is required so the price goes up quite a bit for 11 or more.


Can we book online with the transfer company?  Yes


I read somewhere we get some sort of special promo code for the transfer company site after we book the condo, what’s that about?  

When you enter the promo code, it will save you $5 on the transfer off the posted pricing on their site.  This is for guests only per my agreement with Entertainment Plus.  You get the promo code on your confirmation after you book the condo


We were thinking of doing the snorkeling tour with Mike, and maybe the in home cook.  How do we book these services?

Hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered” then click on “Book In House Services”.


Where do I find these “In Home Special Services?”

Hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered”.


Do we have to know which days exactly we want the services to book them?  

Yes.  It’s too difficult to keep a schedule on our end otherwise.  


When is the latest we can book the In House Special Services?  

2 weeks prior to arrival.


What happens if we don’t book on time?  

I may not be able to get you scheduled.  It’s best to book far in advance of the deadline.  The reason is the services are first come, first serve.  The longer you wait, the less your chances are of getting the service you want, or the date you want the service.  This is particularly true at the busier times of the year.  


Do we receive some sort of confirmation in this regard?  

You’ll receive an acknowledgment via email within a few minutes.  Then the next business day you will receive your services-confirmation assuming your booking didn’t create a scheduling conflict with what we already have on the books.  Either way, you’ll hear from me, Tim Miller, via email the next business day.


Do we pay you for these services?  

No, I don’t take payment for anything other than the condo rental.   The “In House Special Services” services are paid directly to my manager, or the service provider.  My manager will let you know. Please know that payments for the In House Special Services are cash only.  The only exception to this is if you opt to book the Walmart grocery run AND you opt to do so with the transfer company.


Can we book the In House Services over the phone?  

Sorry, no.  There are a couple of reasons.  One is that no payment is required to book, so for those who are hesitant to book online for security reasons this is not an issue. Second, when you submit the online form, the information is automatically emailed to my managers in Cancun which saves time. Please remember that these services are provided for guests at cost (no markup).  Therefore keeping the system as efficient as possible is important.   


What if we need to change or cancel an In House Special Service, can we do that?  

Yes.  There is a cost of $1 to make a change or to cancel a service-reservation.  To change, add to, or cancel an existing service-reservation please fill out the online form.  The link is just to the right of the link for booking the services.  If the only change you are making is to add another service or another date or time to an existing service, you don’t have to pay the $1.


Does canceling a service reservation cost anything?  

Yes, it costs $1.  


Can we book our condo rental online?  

Yes, on any page on the site, upper right click on “Book Online”.


Can we call if we prefer?  

Yes, you can call me, Tim Miller, directly at 847-636-2232


Do you have a preference on phoning in or booking online?  

If it makes no difference to you, yes, I prefer the online method, it saves some time on my end.


Is the online method secure?  

Yes, all info uses high grade encryption.  Plus the credit card portion of the info never travels over the web.  It’s contained in a secure server.


If we decide to rent a car is there parking?  

It's limited, a very small lot.  I cannot guarantee you could get a parking spot.  


Is there a charge to park?  



Do you recommend a rental car company?

Yes, easyway rental car in Cancun is who we use.  We have to have a car, because we are going back and forth to El Centro Home Depot and many facilities to get work done in the units.


Why do you recommend this rental car company?  

This is the company I have been using for some time now.  It will save you money to not rent from a company that is directly at the airport.  These companies pay high rent, and many additional airport taxes.  When you rent from the “off airport” companies like this one, as soon as you exit the airport they will be holding a sign up with your name on it. When you take the shuttle over, it’s 5 minutes round trip out of the way.  Well worth the savings.


Does this resort have its own restaurants?  

Yes.  See RESORT INFO below.


Can you get all inclusive here?  

Yes, it is optional each day you are there.  You can choose the day(s) you want as your vacation unfolds. Basic all-inclusive info is below.  For expanded all-inclusive info please hover over the “Explore Condo rentals” tab located at the top of any page on the site and in the drop down menu click “All-Inclusive Option”.  



Does the condo have English speaking channels on the TV’s?  Yes.  


First time to Cancun?  

A point of interest after you clear customs in Cancun:  There is the one point in time during your stay in Cancun where you could get frustrated.  This is the time right after you have cleared customs and you are on your way out of the airport to get to your transfer or rental car.  I will also address how to easily avoid this frustration. The frustration is that in all likelihood you will be approached by a few vendors acting as if they are your transfer company.  They may ask for your name and act as if they are your transfer company and tell you to follow them.  The solution to this is very simple.  I can assure you, no one ever approaches me anymore, even when I’m there with all the family.  And it can easily be the same way for you, even if it’s your first time to Cancun.  All you need to know are 3 simple steps:


Step #1:  Know where you are going:  After clearing customs, (where they scan your bags on the Cancun side at the airport) you will walk directly through a long set of glass doors and turn to the right.  Doesn’t matter what terminal, all are set up the same way.  You might notice others before you, all will turn to the right after going through the glass doors because there is only one way to go.  Once you start walking, the outside of the airport is maybe 100 yards, or about a football field away.  There are no turns along the way, it’s a straight walk and out you go.  After you exit to the outside of the airport keep walking straight for another 30 feet or so. Then stop and look up for your name.  The transfer company you booked is the only one that will be holding your name up.  Airport security keeps the vendors at a distance, so there is plenty of room after you get outside the airport to look around.  Then just go to your name and you are good to go.  If you are renting a car:  At the airport, on your left as you walk down the hall.  Off site: same plan as if you are taking a transfer.


Step #2:  Get situated:  Before you head out from customs, get all your bags in order and in a position to move them easily.  You don’t want to be fumbling around with your luggage along the way.  This makes you look like an amateur traveler and that’s what these high pressure people are looking for.


Step #3:  Walk with a purpose:  When you head out from customs walk as if you are in a hurry and you are there for a purpose, and like you have been there 100 times before.  The vendors know us types, they don’t stand a chance and they know it.  They don’t even bother.  Even if you can’t walk quickly, for whatever the reason may be; babies, young children or elderly parents, simply being organized and purposeful will do the trick.  They will key into this and leave you alone.


I spent some time on the above because I’m sure I take this for granted.  A guest recently returned telling me about his stay.  His email to me was terrific, among the most detailed I have ever received before.  One of his suggestions was to provide a level of expectation after getting through customs at the airport.


Message to all our guests:  I think the above information for “first timers” to Cancun above is a good example of how one person making the time to email me after their return can be of benefit to others.  I’m hopeful that if you decide to stay at one of the properties on the site, you too will take a little time to offer your commentary and suggestions. Nearly all improvements to the site, and improvements to the way we operate in general on the Cancun side, have been the result of valued guest feedback. I offer a heartfelt Thank You to all who have contributed.





Does the resort have a pool?  



It looks as though you can get service from a bar in the pool, is that right?  

Yes, the pool has a swim up bar.


Is there resort security?  

Yes, 24 hour security.  So if you happen to order a pizza as an example, you will be phoned by security when the driver arrives.  Upon your verification, the pizza driver is then escorted up to you by security.


Is the water at the resort safe?  

Yes, all water used at the resort for cooking, washing vegetables and fruit, soda fountain dispensers, etc. is all clean water.


Should the water being clean be a concern if we go to other restaurants in the hotel zone?  

No, they all use clean water for washing fruits, vegetables, soda dispensers, cooking, etc.  The only precaution I would take in this regard is if you order a simple glass of water, order a bottled water, just to be on the safe side.  

I read somewhere that the AC system at the resort isn’t real good, what is your take on that?  

All of the Penthouses on the site here run on AC systems that are independent of the resort system.  All of these independent AC systems are newer technology and keep you plenty comfortable.  For those who would still like to know about the resort AC system anyway:  This information is from older reviews, prior to the total renovation of our resort in 2016 and 2017.  Now everything is brand new as of 2017.  And in the years to come it will be well maintained by our new resort operator, Oleo.


Where is the resort located?  

At kilometer 19.5 in the Hotel Zone.  

Address is 77500 Kukulcan Blvd., Quintana Roo, Cancun Mexico.


How far is the resort from the airport?  

About 20 minutes.


Does the resort have a private beach?  



Does the resort have a jacuzzi?  

Yes.  It’s more like a small pool for children.  It’s not kept very warm.


How many restaurants does the resort have?  

3 plus a snack bar down by the pool area.


How many bars are there?  

1 by the lobby, 1 swim up bar in the pool.


Is there a convenience store?  



What do they offer?  Soda, snacks, cigarettes, souvenirs, hygiene supplies, batteries, miscellaneous items.


Is there a spa?  

Yes, brand new as of January 2018.


Is there a gym?  

Yes, brand new as of January 2018.


Are there beach chairs out on the beach?  

Yes, loungers.


Are there umbrellas out on the beach?  



Can we sign up for tours and activities from the resort?  Yes, there is an activity center near the main lobby and you can sign up for just about any activity you can imagine.


Do you recommend booking the tours/activities you recommend or setting them up at the resort after we get there?  

Unless you’re looking to go parasailing or rent a wave runner, it’s going to cost a little less to book it online in advance. However, booking online requires payment in full for some I recommend, others are 25% down.  If you can afford to book in advance base on whom I recommend to book through for the tour you like, you’ll typically come out ahead.




Can you get drink service by the pool or down by the beach?  

Ask at the front desk if you’re considering paying for the all-inclusive for that day.  Some days they have drink service by the pool and beach, other days they don’t.  Much depends on the time of year and the capacity of the resort at the time you are there.  When I go down with my family, one thing we always do, even if we are on the all-inclusive, is take the cooler that is on wheels down with us to the pool and beach.  One of these is in every condo.  I love these coolers. They work nicely as little side tables while you sunbathe.  I prefer staying by the pool, which is close to the service bar.  If you prefer the beach, you could always bring down several drinks at once and keep them in the cooler.


Can you get service from the bars and restaurants if you don’t sign up for the all-inclusive?  

No.  You can enjoy the bars, lounges, pool, beach, etc. without signing up for the all-inclusive, but you would need to bring your own drinks, food, etc.  No waiters can serve you without you having the all-inclusive.


What if we just want something to eat at the resort, but we don’t want the all-inclusive?  

You have to purchase the all inclusive to be able to get drinks from the bars or food from the restaurants.  They are not set up for individual orders.


How do we sign up for the all-inclusive?  

At the lobby front desk.  Visa, master or cash are accepted.


What are the costs for this?  

Price as of this writing is $90 per day per person, kids 12 and under are 1/2 off.  Please email or call me just to make sure there have been no recent changes.

When can you get food and drinks?

The first restaurant opens at 7am.  First alcoholic drinks are served at 11am by the pool.  Last bar closes at midnight.


Do we have to sign up for this in advance?  

No, that’s not an option.  You decide after you arrive to the resort. Remember too that each day the all-inclusive is optional.  I recommend purchasing the all-inclusive as your vacation unfolds.  You pay at the lobby front desk.  It’s best to purchase this in the morning before 9:30am so you can take advantage of breakfast which is served from 7-10am.


Is there more information on this?

Yes, for expanded all-inclusive info please hover over the “Explore Vacation Rentals” tab located at the top of any page on the site and in the drop down menu click “All-Inclusive Option”.  





To make a reservation, do we need to sign any contract or lease agreement?  No.  You can make your reservation any time by clicking on Book Online located to the far upper right of any page on this site.  Or you can click on one of the availability calendars and choose your dates there and book.  Or you can call me, Tim, at 847-636-2232.


How do we get the keys?  

From my manager in Cancun.  The info for my manager will be on your confirmation, including all the contact info.  My manager will make every effort to be at the resort upon your arrival to greet you and show you around the condo.  If he/she cannot be there for any reason, the keys will be at the lobby front desk in your name (the name on the e-confirmation/receipt you receive from me after you make a reservation).


What is your cancellation policy?  

For details on this topic please see the Cancellation Policy page (in the General Info drop down).  


​Warm regards and thanks for reading up on the details.  You would be surprised at how many do not.


Tim Miller

Our Resort - Oleo Cancun Playa

Tim's Penthouses-01

Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa

Azul Restaurant at Oleo-Yalmakan b

Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa

160-j (2)

Oleo Cancun Playa


The Spa, Oleo Cancun Playa


The Spa, Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa


Oleo Cancun Playa

We are located directly on the beach in the famed Cancun hotel zone, our resort is Oleo Cancun Playa.  For those who know Cancun, we are a mile South of the Iberostar golf course.

For those that do not know Cancun, the hotel zone is a strip of land (beach) that is world famous.  On one side of the strip you have the Caribbean, and on the other side a fresh water bay.  You are surrounded by beauty here.  We are a short 15 minute drive from the airport.  Our beach is pristine and gentle.  You can do some mild belly boarding if you like.  

What I like about Oleo Cancun Playa is that it is easy to get around.  Some resorts sprawl out for a 1/4 mile, whereas here you have the 3 towers, nestled somewhat closely together, and the towers are only 8 stories high which keeps density on the lower side.  You have the pool in the center and you walk down the stairs from the pool and you are right on the beach.  By the pool you have the umbrellas and on the beach you have the shade tents.  

Our resort also features a gym with modern equipment and a brand new spa.  Our resort was completely remodeled recently.  Our lobby is all glass and brand new.  

What makes renting a vacation rental with here especially unique, is that this is not a condo complex where you would have no lobby, bare bones security, a pool and a gym.  Here you have full time security staff, full time concierge and bell hops, full time restaurant staff, etc.  Our resort has 3 restaurants, a swim up bar, a resort bar, and a poolside snack bar which serves very tasty food.  However, you cannot order food or drinks one at a time, you have to be on the all inclusive for that day to be served.  Remember, this is an all inclusive resort.  If you were to book a regular hotel room you would have all inclusive whether you wanted it or not.  For our guests who are outside of the resort rental pool, you have the option to purchase the all inclusive each day you are there.  The costs are noted below.  And they do offer one meal, the breakfast buffet only, that can be paid for without having to be on the all inclusive.

A couple quick notes about food and drinks since all inclusive is pricy unless you are drinking.  What we do when our family goes down is we pack up the cooler inside the condo with Maui Tais and that down to the beach with us.  Coolers are allowed here which is a rare gem of a feature.  

Another point is that there are great restaurants right across the street.

And lastly we offer an outstanding value for in home authentic Mexican cooking.  The cost is $50 (for up to 8 people, $6 per person beyond that) plus the cost of the groceries.  There is no mark up on any of this, our cook brings you the receipt from the store.  

ALL-INCLUSIVE: 7AM-10:30PM:  This time frame can and does change on occasion.  We have no control over the time frame or pricing, and it can change without notice.



17 OR YOUNGER: $45

Regarding prices, please note that I have no control over the all-inclusive prices.  The last time we had a price increase it was $10 and I had no notice of the increase.  I cannot be held responsible should the resort decide to increase the all-inclusive price between now and the date you arrive.  Thank you for your understanding.  Tim Miller


Restaurants & bars: 

Azur: Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Almar: Open for dinner

Hakka: Open for dinner

Snack Bar: Open 11am-5pm

Swim up bar: Open 11am-5pm

Lobby bar: Open 5pm-11pm

BRAND NEW!  If you would like to purchase breakfast only, please go to the lobby front desk and purchase a ticket.  The cost is $20 per person.  It is served at Azul restaurant on site.  This breakfast buffet comes with freshly squeezed tropical juices.

I can tell you that the food is excellent, very tasty, the fish is so fresh, and the drinks are superb.  Tim Miller


If we are not on the all inclusive can we still purchase drinks or food at the restaurants?

No.  This is an all inclusive resort, there are no cash registers, they are not set up for singular transactions for drinks or food.  At the restaurants and bars, if they see you have an all inclusive wristband, they will service you.  If they do not see the wristband, they cannot service you.

Can we use the pool and beach if we are not on the all inclusive?


Can we use the resort lounge chairs and shaded tents and umbrellas by the pool if we are not on the all inclusive?


Can we bring our own drinks by the pool and beach?

Yes.  A cooler is provided in the condo for this very purpose.  It is on wheels and easy to carry with you.  The resort allows the cooler by the pool or beach, but NOT in the spa please.

Can we use the resort spa and gym if we are not on the all inclusive?


Where do we purchase the all inclusive?

At the lobby front desk.

Can we do this in advance?

No, you can only do it when you are there at the resort.

Can we have some in our group be on the all inclusive and others not?


What other alternatives are there for food if we are not on the all inclusive?

1.  There are restaurants directly across the street.

2.  You can schedule authentic Mexican in home cooking.  The cost is very reasonable, only $50 for up to 8 people plus the cost of the food, and there is no mark up on the food.  This is a not for profit opportunity we give offer all our penthouse guests.  

3.  You can get groceries/snacks on your own from the grocery store to have on hand throughout your stay.   There are no grocery stores in Cancun, only convenience stores.  You can schedule the grocery store run by booking this through the transfer company I recommend.  The cost of $30 is added to the cost of your transfers.  For this, the transfer company will take you from the airport to the grocery store, wait an hour while you shop, then take you to the resort.  

4.  There is a nice cooler located in every condo and each cooler is on wheels.  You can buy full bags of ice right across the street at the convenience store to ice down the cooler.  There are two main rules for the coolers.  1. No glass for obvious reasons.  2. These are NOT permitted in the spa.     

Can I get a massage at the spa without being on the all inclusive? 

Yes, however you do have to pay for a massage, whether you are on the all inclusive or not.

Pool hours: 7am-9pm

Gym hours: 6am-10pm

Spa hours: 8am-10pm

Coffee Shop: 6am-10pm (coffee shop is not part of all inclusive, you pay in cash or credit card here)

Convenience store: 7am-10pm

What's Nearby


Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Directly across the street is Navios. People come from miles around to experience Navios. This is a restaurant with amazing ambiance, especially with their lighting at night. The surroundings are so beautiful at sunset. Several of our guest have proposed here at Navios.


Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Also located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa: Restaurant by Joe is a casual restaurant with great Mexican and American offerings. Free wifi and charging here too, plus they make good drinks.


Oxxo convenience store is located directly across the street from Oleo Cancun Playa.

The first photo shows an aerial view of the resort for context.

Directly across the street from our resort are 2 restaurants and an Oxxo convenience store.  The Oxxo also sells beer and premium brands of hard alcohol.

Navios is one of the restaurants that are right across the street.  This is the place to go for a special night out, the atmosphere is outstanding at sunset over the bay.  At night Navios is so nice.  The whole restaurant was built over the water, its hard to explain how peaceful it is to dine surrounded by water in these little private palapas.  The food is outstanding, I like the fresh grouper.  The cost for an entre ranges from $17-$35, and there are plenty of excellent choices in the lower range if you are on a budget.


The other restaurant is 19.5 which is where you will find me often when I am in Cancun.  The food is really good, I like there burgers, they are angus and so tasty.  Also the way they season their potatos is so good.  Also their steak quesadillas are great, and their steak fajitas, nummy!  

Both restaurants also serve alcoholic beverages.

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2201 - Resort
2201 - What's Nearby
2201 - FAQ's

Penthouse #2201 Availability & Pricing
To book: 
1. Arrow to the month you want.
2. Click on your arrival date, then click on your departure date.
3. Click on the arrow to enter the number of people.  
4. Click on book now.  Fill out and submit the online form.
Visa, Mastercard and discover accepted.  Amount is due in full 60 days prior to arrival, prior to that it is 20% down.  Note: For Christmas and New Years bookings payment is due in full 4 months prior to arrival and it is 50% down.

Important Notes:
1.  Prices shown are for 12 people or less.  If you have more than 12, the cost is $75 per person per day regardless of age.  The maximum number of people allowed in the unit is 14.  For the sake of comfort, I recommend no more than 12 people, especially if everyone is an adult.


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